Secret Nazi Bases

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Secret Nazi Bases

A vast network of Nazi bunkers buried in the Hague tells the story of the greatest battle of WWII that never was.

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Series 3
Scientists in Kamienna Gora work to keep the Luftwaffe flying but are they also building Hitler's next revenge weapon?
A chilling discovery in the furthest reaches of Eastern Canada hints at the true depths of the Nazis' seafaring capabilities.
Allied forces stumble across a sprawling complex in the French countryside. What did the Nazis have planned for this mysterious Nazi stronghold?
Series 1
As the Red Army approached a forest in Poland toward the end of the war, they stumbled upon a complex containing more than 1,000 structures across 25sqkm.
The Spanish island of Villa Winter, which was suspected of being a port for German U-boats and part of a larger plan to invade the United States.
Uncovering hidden structures built by the Nazis. The first edition focuses on Guernsey, which Hitler occupied and fortified over the course of five years.
Series 3
Why did the Nazis fight tooth and nail to protect the city of Luban? Abandoned factories, hidden tunnels, and strange rumors provide clues to the mystery.
Where are the missing billions? Exploring the tunnels, lakes, and secret caches used by the Nazis to hide spoils of war.