Shark Bites

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Shark Bites

Steve Backshall learns about sharks. Steve snorkels alongside mako sharks off the coast of San Diego in California and gets under their skin in his shark lab.

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Series 1
Steve Backshall meets the oceanic whitetip, revealing in his lab how these sharks rely on fantastic fins to dive and swim huge distances.
Steve Backshall reveals another side to sharks. Manta rays may not appear to look like sharks but they are part of the same family, and are the most graceful fish in our seas.
Steve Backshall meets the MOST MENACING shark, the bull shark, off the coast of Mexico.
Steve Backshall looks at the epaulette shark, which lives in shallow, tidal waters and is able to survive out of water for a long period of time.
Steve Backshall meets the hammerhead shark, a shark with some serious supersenses. Steve reveals how it detects dinner like a metal detector finds treasure.
Steve Backshall meets the most ravenous shark in the sea, the tiger shark. Known for eating tin cans and even car number plates, these sharks are in fact perfectly honed hunters.
Steve Backshall encounters a seriously smooth shark. He dives with the silky shark in the wild, and gets under their smooth skin in his lab.
Steve Backshall heads to Canada to learn about the sixgill shark, which has barely changed in 200 million years.
Steve Backshall encounters the most striking shark of all - the thresher shark. Steve dives with two of these stunning sharks off the coast of the Philippines.
Steve Backshall reveals another side to sharks. Steve tracks down the blue shark, which migrates around the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Steve Backshall learns about our very own gentle giant - the basking shark. It can be found in the UK's coastal waters every spring and summer.
Steve Backshall meets a shark that is a master of teamwork - the blacktip shark. The blacktip isn't the largest shark in its territory, so it adopts a sensible solution to survive.
Steve meets a shark that is the master of moves. The Caribbean reef shark has lightning-quick reaction times and is one seriously flexible fish.
Steve Backshall goes to the coast of Malaysian Borneo where he meets the whitetip reef shark, which turns into a highly honed hunter at night.
Steve Backshall learns about sharks. Steve looks at what makes the great white shark such a perfect predator and one of the greatest hunters on the planet.