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So Awkward

As if by magic, Luca makes Conan disappear, Lily shows ‘leadership’ qualities, and Jeff teaches history without using tech. Is it all smoke and mirrors?

April 2024
Claire and Lily go head-to-head, Luca’s acting goes to his head, and Jin loses his head trying to teach Jeff, the deputy head!
Comedy series. Ollie, Rob, Jas and Sid enter Battle of the Bands with tuneless Mr Malone! Lily wants her mum's boyfriend Ken to like her.
Martha’s return to Cranmede Academy to receive an award awakens Lily’s old-school jealousy, prompting her to become overnight movie star sensation Lolly Valentine.
In a bid to prove to Claire that she is an inspiring leader, Lily Hampton has stolen Teyah's trumpet to improve the school orchestra.
Lily and Claire go head-to-head to receive as many gifts as possible from the students, Maddy makes a shocking discovery, and Jeff Malone tries to reduce his wrinkles.
Miss Marmaduke holds a charity single competition, and Cranmede’s musicians discover they are not in tune.
Romance is in the air, and Luca is determined to get his new crush to notice him by any means, provided it involves chivalry and/or playing basketball.
Claire’s pursuit of fame, Miss Marmaduke’s noisy plumbing and an escaped cricket create chaos at Cranmede.
Comedy series. When she discovers her mum's school grades dropped the year she got her first boyfriend, Lily tries to avoid the same thing happening to her.
Lily is now teaching at Cranmede, but still has a lot to learn. Things get awkward when she goes head-to-head with new science teacher Jin, who is also suffering from impostor syndrome.
March 2024
There’s going to be a school inspection, and Maddy and co get roped into helping Cranmede look less disastrous.
Lily, Claire, Jin, Mr Malone and Miss Marmaduke showcase the questionable delights of Cranmede Academy.
Cleo and the cast take a backstage tour of So Awkward Academy! Featuring new sets, top gossip, daft interviews and a mad quiz.
Lily offers a fascinating insight into love and romance on campus – she has watched over 100 rom-coms, including some in French, so she knows what she’s talking about!
Claire profiles students Lily, Seb, Samson and Frankie, who share their first-term expectations, experiences and invaluable lessons learned – not just in lectures but in life too!
Josh stuns Lily by declaring they fancy each other, Frankie has to dump six dates, and Samson and Jeff are banned from attending the ball.
Lily is desperate to attend an audition even though she doesn’t have an agent or know what the role is for, while Frankie is keen to prove herself as an artist and businesswoman.
Inspired by hit daytime TV shows, Lily plays cupid for Samson and Ulrika, Seb helps Jeff surprise Meg with an office makeover, and Frankie creates an art therapy trail.
February 2024
Who ends up in hot sauce? Is it Josh and his quest for global domination? Lily’s inability to keep a secret? Seb’s disastrous efforts to impress Frankie? Or Jeff’s online dating?