Sun, Sea And Selling Houses

August 2020

Series 3 Episode 22

4.0 103 x
Ruth from Colchester wants to give herself and her son a better quality of life in Spain. And retired, young-at-heart Janet is looking for an apartment in the thick of the action. (S3 Ep22)

Series 3 Episode 21

4.0 35 x
Chris and Louisa recently got engaged and want to retire to Spain within the year. The Rodriguez family help them search for a love nest for 350,000 euros. (S3 Ep21)

Series 3 Episode 20

3.0 30 x
The Garners try to find a villa that ticks all the boxes for interior design enthusiast Vanessa. And Tony and Martina hunt for a holiday apartment for their three teenagers. (S3 Ep20)

Series 3 Episode 19

3.0 33 x
Heather and Richard from Huddersfield recently reunited and got married for a second time. Now they want to build a new life in Spain, with 350,000 euros to spend on a property. (S3 Ep19)

Series 3 Episode 18

3.0 35 x
Fitness fanatics Phil and Sue want to invest 100,000 euros in a holiday home. In Alicante, childhood sweethearts Keith and Julie are looking for a villa with a pool and a mancave. (S3 Ep18)
July 2020

Series 3 Episode 16

4.0 23 x
Ken and Wendy want to trade Kent winters for Spanish sun and have 240,000 euros to spend on a villa. Geordies Chris and Carol want to swap their motorhome for a permanent retreat. (S3 Ep16)

Series 3 Episode 15

4.5 39 x
Sylvia, who's 76, had planned to move to Spain with her husband, until he passed away. Can the Garners help her make the move? In Alicante, Adele and Phil seek a permanent home. (S3 Ep15)

Series 3 Episode 14

4.0 31 x
In Almería, the Garners help retirees Tina - an extreme sports fan known to her 17 grandkids as 'ninja nanny' - and Jack. The Rodriguez family help outdoor lovers Joy and Steve. (S3 Ep14)

Series 3 Episode 13

3.0 28 x
In Alicante, the Rodriguez sisters search for a home for Linda and Kevin, who wants somewhere where he can keep bees. In Almería, June wants a property big enough for her family. (S3 Ep13)

Series 3 Episode 12

3.0 42 x
In Almería, Rex and Karen from Boston have 350,000 euros to spend on a new home. In Alicante, Barbara and Russell are looking for a holiday home near the beach. (S3 Ep12)