Superman & Lois

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 15 - Last Sons of Krypton

3.0 5 x
Clark’s worst nightmare comes true as Edge’s masterplan nears its grim conclusion. Only Superman can stop him, but he can’t do it alone.

Series 1, Episode 14 - The Eradicator

3.0 1 x
John Henry lets Jonathan in on his weapon-building projects. Jordan is getting closer to Sarah. Morgan Edge suddenly returns to wreak destruction upon Metropolis.

Series 1, Episode 13 - Fail Safe

4.0 4 x
Superman pays a visit to Morgan Edge. Meanwhile, Lois and Chrissy work together on a story. Jonathan makes a new and very unexpected connection, but is it what it seems?

Series 1, Episode 12 - Through the Valley of Death

3.0 11 x
Lois and John Henry Irons confront each other about the best way to stop Morgan Edge. Jonathan encourages Jordan to focus on strengthening his powers to help locate their dad.

Series 1, Episode 11 - A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events...

4.0 9 x
Clark reminisces about meeting Lois and his early days as Superman, then makes a startling discovery about Morgan Edge.

Series 1, Episode 10 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

4.0 11 x
Lana reaches out to Lois and Clark when Kyle starts behaving strangely. Jonathan opens up to Jordan. Sarah has had enough of Kyle’s wayward behaviour and confronts Lana.

Series 1, Episode 9 - Loyal Subjekts

3.0 5 x
Lois, Chrissy and Clark team up to investigate Morgan Edge and find out what he’s really up to in Smallville.

Series 1, Episode 8 - Holding the Wrench

3.0 8 x
Clark encourages Lois to reach out for help after noticing her reaching a breaking point. Jonathan finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Series 1, Episode 7 - Man of Steel

3.0 11 x
Clark struggles to help Jordan, who is grappling with a new power. Meanwhile, Lois enlists Clark’s help, which leads to a surprise encounter.

Series 1, Episode 6 - Broken Trust

3.0 9 x
Clark reconsiders his decision to let Jordan play football. Meanwhile, Lois’s continued investigation of Morgan Edge requires her to trust an unexpected ally.