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All of Smallville comes together to view a meteor shower, and Lex Luthor makes his move.

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Series 3
Lois and Clark clash with Jordan over his carelessness around using his powers in public. And finally, after 17 years behind bars, Lex Luthor is set to be released from prison.
While Lois undergoes life-saving surgery, Peia's powers run out of control.
Lois interviews Peia in the hope of unearthing the truth about an old case, and Clarke struggles to spend quality time with the boys.
Superman and John Henry clash over how to handle Bruno Mannheim. Lois worries over upcoming treatments and confides in Lana about her early courtship with Clark.
Clark and Chrissy try to pique Lois's interest in investigating Bruno, while Jordan inadvertently threatens Jon's standing with the fire department.
Lois and Clark dig deeper on Bruno Mannheim, starting with his connections to Hob's Bay Medical Center. Jonathan and Jordan panic at home over Lois's dire diagnosis.
Clark finds himself in uncharted territory, Lois bonds with a new friend, Superman pays Bruno Mannheim a surprise visit, and Lana puts Sarah in charge while she's away at a meeting with Chrissy.
Clark and General Lane are both having a hard time giving Lois room to make her own decisions, Lana and Sarah have a run-in with an old friend at the diner, and Natalie has a surprise visitor.
Lois interrupts an intense conversation between Clark and John Henry, Kyle tries to run interference between Sarah and Lana, and Jonathan has a heated discussion with Candice's dad.
Lois and Chrissy pursue a new lead in the Mannheim investigation against Clark's wishes. Jonathan, Jordan and Nat's attempt at a kind gesture is complicated by an unexpected obstacle.
Shattering news for the Kent family as Lois receives a cancer diagnosis. Sarah and Jordan have an awkward encounter.
The Kents celebrate the boys' 16th birthday, and Lois gets some startling news.