Surgeons: At The Edge Of Life


Series 3: Episode 4

4.5 47 x
Surgeons at Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth hospitals face a dilemma. Do the high risks of an operation outweigh the risk of not treating their patients' serious conditions?

Series 3: Episode 3

4.3 63 x
Surgeons at Royal Papworth and Addenbrooke’s hospitals perform a high-risk double lung transplant and complex neurosurgery, where a slip of a scalpel could cause paralysis.

Series 3: Episode 2

3.0 52 x
Following marathon procedures at Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth hospitals in Cambridge. Two surgeons and a team of 25 work for 18 hours to salvage a high-risk procedure.

Series 3: Episode 1

3.0 100 x
The award-winning series returns to show more pioneering work from some of the UK’s top surgeons. A patient’s body is drained of blood to remove life-threatening clots in her lungs
Episodes 2019

Series 2: 6. Every Second Counts...

4.0 146 x
Surgeons take on major trauma operations at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They have just minutes to save a woman with a life-threatening bleed on her brain.

Series 2: 5. Getting Better

3.0 63 x
A surgeon performs the most complex operation in his field: removing a woman’s oesophagus and using her own stomach to replace it. Another team tackles a hard-to-reach tumour.

Series 2: 4. A New Beginning?

4.0 92 x
At Birmingham Children’s Hospital, surgeons must transplant a kidney from a father to his two-year-old son, while a three-year-old girl needs a life-changing heart procedure.

Series 2: 3. A Risk Worth Taking?...

3.3 96 x
Surgeons at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital carry out radical operations to help change patients’ lives, including the hospital’s largest ever removal of excess tissue.

Series 2: 2. Pushing The Boundaries...

4.0 72 x
Maxillofacial surgeon Tim Martin operates on a woman with a disease so rare, he is thought to be the first in the UK to attempt the procedure.

Series 2: 1. One False Move

4.7 172 x
The series returns to the operating theatres of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. A neurosurgeon has to wake his patient up during an operation to remove his brain tumour.