The Bidding Room

July 2020

Series 1: Episode 20

3.0 8 x
In the Bidding Room today, the dealers go head to head over a religious statue, a pair of Bakelite phones, a glimpse into the future and a piece of rock n roll history.

Series 1: Episode 19

3.0 8 x
Five dealers compete to buy an old English sheep dog from Stoke pottery Beswick and a preserve bowl by renowned potter Clarice Cliff.

Series 1: Episode 18

4.0 6 x
Five dealers compete to buy items including an unusual musical instrument, a perfume bottle being sold to help a three-legged dog and a medical item with a curious smell.
June 2020

Series 1: Episode 17

3.0 16 x
Today’s sellers bring in some hidden treasure, two unusual machines, some Scandi furniture and a beautiful pocket watch. Will the dealers bid up to the prices the sellers want?

Series 1: Episode 16

3.0 7 x
In the Bidding Room today, the dealers compete to buy a Danish silver bracelet, a pair of Victorian horse hair singers, a set of candlesticks and two mid-century modern chairs.

Series 1: Episode 15

3.0 9 x
Five dealers bid against each other for a vintage car lighter, a Georgian needlework box, a 1970s musical drinks decanter and a collection of Second World War memorabilia.

Series 1: Episode 14

4.0 7 x
Five dealers compete to buy a clock by the British horologist Charles Frodsham, a lottery machine, a handsome Victorian chair and a vintage coffee set.

Series 1: Episode 13

4.0 13 x
The dealers bid on a collection of printing plates, a retro Olivetti typewriter, a toy steam engine and a prop from a Terry Pratchett film.

Series 1: Episode 12

3.0 6 x
Can four new sellers persuade the dealers to part with their cash for a watercolour painting, a vintage walking stick, a classic toy and some retro furniture?

Series 1: Episode 11

4.0 3 x
Five dealers bid against each other to buy four intriguing items: a vintage bucket with a dark past, a beautiful jewellery box, two peculiar chairs and an antique foot warmer.
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