The Killing

December 2012

Episode 10

3.0 27 x
The Prime Minister has everything to gain, as long as Emilie's fate remains uncertain.

Episode 9

3.0 23 x
Sarah Lund is held back in her attempts to make headway with the investigation.

Episode 8

3.0 15 x
A suspect is taken in for examination as the police try to find out about the notebook.

Episode 7

3.0 25 x
A new element turns out to play a role of great significance in the investigation.

Episode 6

3.0 26 x
In Jutland, Borch and Lund make an eerie discovery and find themselves in danger.

Episode 5

3.0 22 x
If Lund is to save Emilie's life, she must find out what the debt to the kidnapper is.
November 2012

Episode 4

3.0 19 x
Should Borch and Lund obey the perpetrator's instructions or take a different course?

Episode 3

3.0 33 x
It becomes clear that Emilie Zeuthen's kidnapper will stop at nothing to recover his debt.

Episode 2

3.0 25 x
The police try to track down the kidnapper of Robert Zeuthen's daughter Emilie.

Episode 1

4.0 51 x
Body parts are found at Copenhagen dock only hours before a visit by the prime minister.
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