The Only Way Is Essexmas


April 12, 2018

3.0 3 x
Special Christmas episode. A downhearted Arg is reunited on screen with best pal Mark.

February 20, 2018

3.0 6 x
Arg plans a regal birthday party and a trip to Santa's homeland is on the cards.

January 10, 2018

3.0 17 x
Christmas special. Will the holiday be a cracker or a right old turkey?
Episodes 2017

December 17, 2017

3.4 100 x
The gang celebrate Christmas by travelling to Suffolk for Arg's 30th birthday party.

Episode 2

4.0 16 x
Is it too late for Dan and Kate? Bobby offers Gemma an olive branch.

Episode 1

3.0 17 x
Some of the gang visit Liverpool, while Gemma plans a festive extravaganza back in Essex.
Episodes 2015

December 16, 2015

Expired 3.0 105 x
Christmas special. The gang go on an eventful festive break to a Scottish castle.
Episodes 2014

Episode 1: The Only Way Is Essexmas

Expired 3.0 98 x
Glitzy seasonal special. Will Mark, Amy, Kirk and Sam be enjoying a Christmas cracker? Who will Kirk kiss under the mistletoe and what will Amy find in her stocking?
Episodes 2013


3.0 76 x
The gang returns for the annual Christmas special of Britain's most talked-about reality series. How are Essex's most glamorous citizens preparing for the holiday season?
Episodes 2012

Episode 3: The Only Way Is Essexmas

3.0 50 x
Special Christmas episode. Arg is reunited on screen with best friend Mark. Sam is suspicious of Joey's strange behaviour. Could it be third time lucky for Kirk and Lauren?