Wanted Down Under



3.0 41 x
Families are given a look at life in Australia or New Zealand. Nathaniel Baker believes his family's future lies down under, but his wife Gemma sees things differently.

February 2, 2018

4.0 15 x
Mum Perse and partner Debbie are disillusioned with life in the UK and feel it's time to leave. But first they have to get their children on board.

Series 14: 20. The Bolams

4.0 111 x
Soul mates Carl and Danielle want to move to Australia, but a recent health scare has shown them how fickle life can be. Could they really say goodbye to their loved ones?

Series 14: 19. Edwards Family

4.3 193 x
Shana has dreamt of living in Australia for years and is now determined to make it come true, but her children are at loggerheads with their mum.

Series 14: 18. Chatterje Family

3.0 69 x
Mum Rachael thinks she and her son Harry should move to Australia for a better quality of life. But Harry is not sure crossing the globe is what he wants to do.

Series 14: 17. Hornett Family

4.0 110 x
Simon Hornett dreams of returning to live in Australia, but his wife Jo can’t bear the thought of leaving her dad. Can a trial week down under break the deadlock?

January 10, 2018

4.0 11 x
British families explore the idea of moving to Australia or New Zealand. Paddy McGuinness loves Australia and wants to live there, but his wife wants to stay.

Series 14: 16. West Andrews

4.5 64 x
Nicola and Jake think their daughter will get a better start in life in Australia, but Nicola worries that they will be too far away from her loved ones.

Series 14: 15. Onaivi Family

3.0 39 x
Krystyn wants to uproot her family to Australia, but husband Jo isn't on board. A trial week gives them the chance to see if it might be doable, but it might drive the two further apart.

Series 14: 14. Larkin Family

4.0 109 x
Mum Anna wants her baby son to grow up in the sunshine in Oz. Dad Aaron isn’t convinced just yet. Will a trial week persuade him to make her dream come true?
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