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Wanted Down Under

January 2020

Series 14: 8. McCrory Family

3.0 28 x
Life with triplets is chaotic. Mum Sarah, the main breadwinner, thinks life would be easier in Australia, but stay-at-home dad Conor has major concerns.

Series 14: 7. Thorn Family

4.0 27 x
Cassie Thorn wants to take her family to Oz, but husband Aaron doesn't want to move. Will a week in Brisbane change his mind?

January 12, 2018

4.0 3 x
British families explore the idea of moving to Australia or New Zealand. A hectic pace of life has made the Mrengo family decide to give New Zealand a try.

January 24, 2018

4.0 4 x
Gilan and Hollie Kelly want a new life in New Zealand for their boys. But with a loving family in the UK willing them to stay, they have a tough decision to make.

January 18, 2018

4.0 0 x
Tim and Diana Donlon are watching their grown-up children start to leave home. They think the solution could be to fly away themselves - to New Zealand.

Series 14: 6. Parsons Family

4.5 72 x
The Parsons are 'shifts' that pass in the night, and something has to give if the family is to thrive. Dad thinks Auckland will give them the life they want, but Mum isn't so sure.

Series 14: 5. Duffy Family

4.0 351 x
Claire wants her young daughters to live an outdoors life for the sake of their health, and while dad Russell wants that too, he's not sure moving to New Zealand is the right answer.

Series 14: 4. Campbell Family

4.0 65 x
Nathan Campbell wants to start a new life in NZ with his wife and two children. But he’s on his own as they don't want to leave Belfast. Can a trial week provide a change of heart?

Series 14: 3. Hegarty Family

4.2 649 x
Donner Hegarty dreams of living her life down under in New Zealand, but her Kiwi husband has no desire to return. Will a trial week convince him to change his mind?

Series 14: 2. Goodinson Family

3.7 52 x
Dad Michael believes his family's future lies down under, but wife Lisa values her close ties with loved ones in the UK. Will a week in New Zealand change her mind?
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