Wentworth Prison


Season 4, Episode 6: Divide and Conquer

4.0 3 x
When Tasha is subjected to 'prison justice' for pushing the panic button, Doreen turns her back on Bea and joins Kaz's crew.

3. Prisoner

4.0 13 x
Ferguson puts her life on the line to win over Kaz.

12. Hell Bent

4.0 116 x
12. Hell Bent of the TV-show Wentworth Prison was broadcast by 5star on Tuesday 8 August 2017 at 22:00.

11. Coup de Grace

4.0 132 x
The Freak is dragged outside for a murder 'trial'.

10. Mere Anarchy

3.5 95 x
Franky discovers who killed Mike Pennisi.

9. Snakehead

3.0 105 x
Franky gets some outside help with her escape plan.

8. Think Inside the Box

4.5 101 x
Channing threatens to close down the garden project.

7. The Pact

4.0 111 x
Allie tries to kill Ferguson. Franky tries to escape again.

6. Happy Birthday, Vera

3.5 119 x
Ferguson exacts a violent and gory revenge on Juice.

5. Belly of the Beast

4.0 122 x
A glitch in Franky's escape plan almost kills Will and Kaz.