Wentworth Prison

August 2019

10. Under Siege, pt 2

3.5 246 x
Marie will stop at nothing to see her plan through.

9. Under Siege, pt 1

2.5 73 x
Jake comes to Linda's defence when he uncovers a plot.

8. Protection

4.0 40 x
Marie's efforts to have her conviction overturned backfire.

7. Bad Blood

4.0 43 x
With Ruby at death's door, Rita needs help to be with her.

6. Mother

4.0 18 x
Boomer spends day release with her mother.
July 2019

5. Ascension

4.3 110 x
A shock attack has left officers and inmates reeling.
June 2019

4. Karen

3.0 119 x
With the clock ticking, Ruby suggests that Rita jump ship.

3. Atonement

4.0 111 x
Kaz's therapy with Dr Miller proves eye-opening.

2. Payback

4.5 171 x
Kaz gets wise to Kosta's dead bird drug drops.

1. Blood Wedding

4.4 350 x
Rita's release from isolation spells all-out war with Marie.
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