Wild at Heart

Catch up tv on Wild at Heart. In this drama the Trevanion family decide to make a fresh start and emigrate to South Africa to set up an animal reserve. The programme follows them as they battle to get their business up and running and also struggle with their personal lives.

Latest videos
Series 2 - Episode 9 1:00:00

Series 2 - Episode 9

3.0 1 x
Du Plessis has been told he has angina and does not feel like celebrating his birthday.
Series 2 - Episode 8 1:00:00

Series 2 - Episode 8

4.0 1 x
Caroline gets some distraction from a pilot and his pet chimp.
Series 2 - Episode 7 1:00:00

Series 2 - Episode 7

4.0 0 x
Sarah and Danny find their relationship tested when Sarah's ex-husband Simon arrives.
Series 2 - Episode 6 1:00:00

Series 2 - Episode 6

4.0 0 x
Family harmony is disrupted as Sarah's mother turns up uninvited.
Series 2 - Episode 5 1:00:00

Series 2 - Episode 5

3.0 1 x
Danny's old tutor and mentor, Bash, arrives to help expand the vet practice.
Older videos
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