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World War Weird

While Nazi scientists were conducting brutal experiments in an attempt to create an Aryan master race, a team of zoologists were overseeing their own bizarre science trials.

Series 3
The true story of Franz Stigler, a German Luftwaffe pilot in the Second World War who risked his own life to save the crew of an American B-17 bomber.
The unfortunate fate of the world's first tank, which failed to make it onto the battlefield, and the case of the Japanese soldier who continued fighting - until 1974.
A Japanese secret society's repeated attempts to kill Charlie Chaplin and Hitler's plan in 1942 to use educated dogs to do a soldier's job.
Bizarre events during wartime, featuring a Nazi anti-gravity device, phantom cities built during the Second World War, Stalin's cursed tomb and poultry of mass destruction.
Series 2
The Germans hear that Polish forces are fighting alongside a huge bear. Tales of this beer-swilling, chain-smoking beast terrify them - but incredibly the stories are true.
In blacked-out London four young women are murdered - just like Jack fifty years before. When two flights disappear without a trace, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle begins.
At the Battle of Mons, the Germans retreat in panic when confronted by a group of angels. Is this divine intervention, mass hallucination - or something even stranger?
In 1940, Japan launch an attack on a Chinese city - but they are not dropping bombs. Swarms of fleas descend and the city is infected with the bubonic plague.
Hukbalahap Rebels in the Philippines believe they have a new enemy - a vampire. The British claim that an RAF pilot's incredible night vision comes from eating carrots.
Crossword puzzles in a national newspaper begin to attract the attention of MI5, the answers are code words for the upcoming D-Day operation. Is this the work of a spy?
To improve their bombs, the US Navy turned to the animal world for inspiration. When 270 men vanished into a cloud, witnesses claimed the soldiers had been abducted by aliens.
Looking at some incredible tales from war, including Churchill's plan to create a giant ice ship, ghost planes that fly themselves and a Nazi treasure hunt for the Amber Room.
Series 1
Hear about some bizarre wartime happenings, including the magicians who fought the Nazis, the German spy who double-crossed Hitler, and some strange sightings of UFOs in Canada.
This is war at its weirdest. Learn all about Stalin's flying saucer, an Allied ghost army designed to fool Hitler and the mystery wartime disappearance of musician Glenn Miller.
Hear about some bizarre tales that occurred while the world was at war, including Stalin's human/ape hybrid, zombie spies and a Nazi plague spreading through 1970s Connecticut.
Stalin's canine army, Rommel's hidden hoard of Nazi gold, and mysterious circles reported by RAF pilots across Britain. Hear about war at its weirdest in this intriguing series.
Were strange glowing orbs spotted by night pilots in WWII a secret German weapon or alien life? Tune in to hear about some wartime weirdness, including an army of killer bats.
Discover some of the more remarkable tales that came out of the world wars. Hear about a weird Japanese weapon and the U-boat activity that awakened something strange in the oceans.
Series 3
A daring plan devised in 1943 by the inmates of the Death Camp at Sobibor, as they staged an organised rebellion to fight back against their Nazi oppressors.