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WWII Frontlines

April 1945, Berlin - the last savage chapter in the Battle for Europe. Stalin's generals compete to avenge the Nazis assault in the East and raise the Red Flag over the Reichstag.

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Series 1
Iwo Jima was where a quarter of all the US Marines who died in World War II were killed. The Leathernecks had to re-think their tactics, as one in three became a casualty.
20/12/1944; the Germans attacked the Allies in the Ardennes. The US 101st Airborne rushed to Bastogne and halted the Nazi advance long enough for Patton's 3rd Army to arrive.
Three weeks after D-Day, the Allied advance has stalled. The killing fields around Hill 112 become a graveyard for the British soldiers that try to take it.
Omaha beach - a nightmare for advancing American troops: open ground, sustained fire, heavy casualties and no retreat. But the whole fate of D-Day hinged on Omaha succeeding.
On January 22nd 1944, two divisions land at the Italian port of Anzio in one of the easiest Allied amphibious assaults of the war.
Midway became the location for the most decisive naval battle in the Pacific War. The Japanese should have triumphed, yet the Americans turned the Japanese trap into a bold ambush.