800 Words

August 2019

Series 3: Episode 16

3.0 37 x
Katie still can’t find a new house to rent, but George can’t persuade her to move in with him. Meanwhile, Big Mac’s plans for the area are nearing fruition.

Series 3: Episode 15

4.0 18 x
It’s presidential election day in Weld, all part of Big Mac’s plan to declare it an independent republic - but is there more to Big Mac’s plan than he’s letting on?

Series 3: Episode 14

3.0 13 x
George has had the news that his wife Laura’s killer may soon be out on parole. Shay and Arlo are upset, but George doesn’t know what to think.

Series 3: Episode 13

4.0 6 x
After what happened with Poppy and Arlo, George and Woody still aren’t talking, but Hannah has a radical plan to sort them out.

Series 3: Episode 12

3.0 15 x
Arlo still hasn’t told Lindsey about his feelings for Poppy, and the stress of knowing what Arlo is up to is beginning to take its toll on Billy.

Series 3: Episode 11

4.0 7 x
Searching for an activity they can enjoy together, George agrees to go camping with Katie, but their ideas of camping are very different.

Series 3: Episode 10

4.0 16 x
George and Katie tackle the difficult issue of taking their burgeoning relationship to the next level.

Series 3: Episode 9

3.0 6 x
After his eventful evening at Woody and Tracy’s wedding, George tries once and for all to sort out his love life without upsetting anyone.

Series 3: Episode 8

4.6 28 x
It’s the eve of Woody and Tracy’s wedding, so not a great time for a power cut across the whole town, but everyone pulls together to make it a day to remember.

Series 3: Episode 7

4.0 10 x
With the wedding back on, it’s time for Woody’s 'groomspiel', and Big Mac has wild plans for it. But Woody has made Tracy a promise he’ll behave, which is going to be hard to keep.
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