999: What's Your Emergency?


August 2, 2021

3.0 13 x
This episode meets police dealing with a huge range of traffic issues - from the routine to the surreal - alongside a spike in crime and against a background of funding cuts. (S10 Ep1)

June 30, 2021

4.0 22 x
In South Yorkshire, a mother asks police to take her 15-year-old into custody as officers confront several painful cases of the fast-growing crime of child-on-parent abuse. (S13 Ep4)

July 13, 2021

3.0 10 x
Northamptonshire police deal with the fallout from the hidden housing crisis of shared accommodation, from a row about unpaid rent to the suspected theft of a chicken Kiev. (S13 Ep5)

July 6, 2021

3.0 12 x
With a surge in the number of calls to Northampton police reporting verbal abuse on race, religion, sex or sexuality, have our divisive politics given hate speech a boost? (S10 Ep3)

June 28, 2021

4.0 21 x
This episode reveals the realities of policing home drinking. A family gathering spills into the street and gets out of control. An ambulance crew are in danger at a house party. (S13 Ep3)

Series 12, Episode 6 - Series 13 Episode 2

4.0 24 x
A look at the challenges South Yorkshire Police face with time-wasting 999 calls and also with helping vulnerable people, including a confused lady who can't find her way home. (S13 Ep2)

Series 12, Episode 5 - Series 13 Episode 1

3.0 26 x
South Yorkshire Police reveal what happens when people seek revenge by street justice, from a supermarket brawl to taking a hammer on the rampage, and a hit-and-run as payback. (S13 Ep1)

Series 9, Episode 11 - Series 11 Episode 2

4.5 42 x
Northamptonshire police officers have their hands full tackling a prolific shoplifter, a burglar making a rooftop protest, a telephone scam, and what looks like a cyber break-in. (S11 Ep2)

Series 4, Episode 24 - Series 8 Episode 3

4.0 5 x
This episode explores how a small number of families are collectively responsible for a staggering proportion of the nation's crime. (S8 Ep3)

Series 12, Episode 4 - Series 12 Episode 4

4.0 26 x
Early 2020, the start of Covid-19, and South Yorkshire Police face a surge in anxious calls and crimes, from folk fighting over loo rolls to domestic violence and substance abuse. (S12 Ep4)