A New Life In The Sun: Where Are They Now?

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A New Life In The Sun: Where Are They Now?

...Are They Now?: In France, owners of a motorhome rental business hit the fast lane, and on the Costa del Sol, we revisit restaurant owner sisters on the verge of burning out. (S4 Ep15)

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Series 4
...Are They Now?: In Spain, we revisit a family-run bar. With one of them going solo, will the business survive? In France, a pair of gîte owners look for their next challenge. (S4 Ep14)
...Are They Now?: In France, a wakeboarder navigates his outdoor watersports company in a new direction. In Italy, B&B hosts take a gamble on bookings during their second season. (S4 Ep13)
...Are They Now?: We visit a pair of hoteliers whose business burnt to the ground - have they risen from the ashes? And what have a pair of vegan B&B owners been up to in France? (S4 Ep12)
...Are They Now?: In France, we catch up with amateur brewers looking to keep up with demand. On the Costa del Sol, we revisit a scuba diver whose business was dealt a big blow. (S4 Ep11)
...Are They Now?: We catch up with a couple running a boat charter company in Mallorca as they try to boost their income. And two gîte owners in France move on to pastures new. (S4 Ep10)
...Are They Now?: In Portugal, we revisit a bar owner who ran into trouble with the police over lockdown rules. And is a Spanish fitness retreat still in rude health? (S4 Ep9)
...Are They Now?: In France, we revisit the gîte owners who put everything on the line... did their gamble pay off? In Spain, a couple of bar owners go from strength to strength. (S4 Ep8)
...Are They Now?: In Spain, we revisit two scuba divers with expansion in their sights, and owners of a gourmet seafood restaurant by the Med are forced to rethink their future. (S4 Ep7)
...Are They Now?: We revisit a crazy golf course that stopped play nine months after opening. Restaurant owners in Mallorca look at ways to diversify to keep them at the top. (S4 Ep6)
...Are They Now?: After successfully selling British beer in France, two brewers pitch another English craze. And in Spain, can a Norfolk soap-making business recover from Covid? (S4 Ep5)
...Are They Now?: In Spain, can a hotelier's new money-making plan turn around her fortunes? And in France, will an expensive gamble be fruitful for a pair of winemakers? (S4 Ep4)
...Are They Now?: A Spanish cookery school's owners think they've found the recipe for success. And have two French B&B owners found the quiet life they craved? (S4 Ep3)
...Are They Now?: Two gîte owners in France are cooking up a new plan to make more cash. And as Covid travel restrictions ease, can a campsite cope with the extra workload? (S4 Ep2)
...Are They Now?: We revisit a family in Portugal who've made the most out of their holiday village. And in Spain, has a golf course owner's hard work landed him a hole-in-one? (S4 Ep1)
Series 3
...Are They Now?: We revisit a Spanish cookery school whose owners took an expensive gamble. And in France, a couple with a tree house B&B push themselves to the limit. (S3 Ep10/10)
...Are They Now?: After launching a successful brewery in France, have a couple become victims of their own success? And will it be a bumper year for two olive farmers in Spain? (S3 Ep9/10)
...Are They Now?: We revisit two publicans who launched a new catering business on the Costa del Sol, and a pair of sailing instructors who navigated through competitive waters. (S3 Ep8/10)
...Are They Now?: We revisit a Spanish B&B that's been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. And is the grass still greener on the other side for a plant nursery in France? (S3 Ep7/10)
...Are They Now?: A Sussex couple try to solve a staffing crisis at their bar in Alicante. And in France, can two busy holiday hosts resolve a difference of opinion? (S3 Ep6/10)