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There's a lot at stake as Ester finds out if the treatment she endured has worked or not, Jørund must decide if he intends to forgive Charlotte, and Finn reveals a big secret.

Series 1
Ester starts to wonder if she has it in her to continue with the harshness of her treatment, Arild is invited to Japan on a once-in-a-lifetime work trip, and Jørund gets a shock.
The brutality of chemotherapy is now hitting hard and taking its toll on Ester. Jørund tries to make up with Charlotte after their bust-up.
Ester starts undergoing chemotherapy as two of her closest friends tie the knot and her teenage son Lars also falls in love.
Ester prepares for chemotherapy, while Arild secretly struggles. Jørund develops health anxiety, and Finn decides it's time to turn his life around.
Ester insists on one last magical night out with her closest friends before the cancer treatment begins. Unbeknown to all of them, Charlotte makes an unsettling discovery.
Ester is about to turn 40 and planning to celebrate with all her friends and family. But the day before the party, she receives a phone call that will tip her life upside down.