Age Of The Image

March 2020

Series 1: 4. Fake Views

3.0 31 x
James Fox examines how images have become more powerful – and less trusted – than ever before, from hyper-real paintings to movie special effects and deepfakes.

Series 1: 3. Seductive Dreams

3.0 12 x
James Fox examines how artists, film-makers and advertisers have used images to sell us fantasies of a better life.

Series 1: 2. Power Games

3.0 12 x
James Fox explores how mass communication and new technology helped 20th-century image-makers transform society, from Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda films to the moon landings.

Series 1: 1. A New Reality

4.0 34 x
James Fox explores how technological advances in the early 20th century created new ways of seeing the world, making links between artists, film-makers, photographers and scientists.
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