Series 5

Series 5, Episode 22 - Series 5 Episode 22

4.0 13 x
Not Fade Away: In the final episode, the gang prepare to take on the members of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Angel instructs everyone to spend the day as if it's their last. (S5 Ep22/22)

Series 5, Episode 21 - Series 5 Episode 21

4.0 10 x
Power Play: When Angel's behaviour becomes hostile, his friends think he's joined an elite group of evildoers called the Circle of the Black Thorn. (S5 Ep21/22)

Series 5, Episode 20 - Series 5 Episode 20

4.0 16 x
The Girl in Question: Concerned by reports that the Immortal is after Buffy - Angel and Spike head to Rome to help her. (S5 Ep20/22)

Series 5, Episode 19 - Series 5 Episode 19

3.0 23 x
Time Bomb: As Illyria's powers grow increasingly unstable, she resolves to kill Angel and the team before they have a chance to confront her. (S5 Ep19/22)

Series 5, Episode 18 - Series 5 Episode 18

4.0 9 x
Origin: Connor and his new parents arrive at Wolfram & Hart asking for help, but Angel refuses. Wesley makes a stunning discovery about the gang's pact with the firm. (S5 Ep18/22)

Series 5, Episode 17 - Series 5 Episode 17

4.0 15 x
Underneath: Angel, Spike and Gunn try to rescue Lindsey from a suburban hell dimension when they learn that he might have information on the Senior Partners' plans. (S5 Ep17/22)

Series 5, Episode 16 - Series 5 Episode 16

3.0 11 x
Shells: Illyria gets used to her new world as the team vow to find a way to bring Fred back. Wesley learns of Gunn's role in the tragedy. (S5 Ep16/22)

Series 5, Episode 15 - Series 5 Episode 15

3.0 14 x
A Hole in the World: When Fred falls deathly ill, the gang desperately try to find a cure before it's too late. (S5 Ep15/22)

Series 5, Episode 14 - Series 5 Episode 14

4.0 8 x
Smile Time: When Angel tries to stop a popular children's television show from stealing the life force of its viewers, he gets turned into a little felt-covered puppet. (S5 Ep14/22)

Series 5, Episode 13 - Series 5 Episode 13

4.0 11 x
Why We Fight: A mysterious man from Angel's past shows up unexpectedly at Wolfram & Hart. Seeking to settle an old score, he takes Wesley, Fred and Gunn hostage. (S5 Ep13/22)