Animal Practice


Episode 9: Turkey Jerky

3.0 13 x
US sitcom following the work of eccentric vet Dr. George Coleman. Over Thanksgiving dinner, sparks fly between George's mother and Doug's father.

Episode 8: Ralphie

3.0 11 x
US sitcom about unorthodox vet Dr. George Coleman. George and Dorothy disagree on how best to deal with Ralphie, an overweight dog whose owner is over-feeding him.

Episode 7: Wingmen

3.0 13 x
US sitcom following the work of eccentric vet Dr George Coleman. George treats a cockatoo that somehow keeps eating chocolate, which can be fatal for the bird.

Episode 2: Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

3.0 15 x
US comedy set in a New York animal hospital. Doug tries to talk George into operating on his dog after realising he can't face doing it himself.

Episode 6: The Two George Colemans

3.0 41 x
US sitcom. George feels threatened by Jill's strong new presence at the hospital, so attempts to sabotage one of her operations.
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