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The Beck group are called out to investigate a man who was brutally murdered in his own home.

July 2023
Josef is suspended, pending an internal investigation of his alleged assault of Säpo agent Klas Fredén, who has climbed to even greater heights within the police organisation.
The investigation of what looks like an ordinary robbery gone wrong in southern Stockholm takes an unexpected turn when the secret police (Säpo) become interested in the case.
Out on a routine mission, Martin's grandson Vilhelm Beck finds a dead 17-year-old boy at the crime scene. It immediately becomes a case for Alex, Martin and the Beck group.
May 2022
Swedish crime drama. The police find themselves under heavy media pressure after fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy. In Swedish with English subtitles.
Swedish crime drama. Alex Beijer participates in a morning show on TV, but it develops into a nightmare when an unlikely hostage drama arises in the studio. In Swedish with English subtitles.
Swedish crime drama. A murder in a wooded area and a man who died suddenly of a heart attack after being awakened in the middle of the night by a masked burglar. Is there a connection?
Swedish crime drama. Martin Beck is back on duty. He and the rest of the group are thrown into a case where the body of a notorious Danish criminal has been found in the water at Liljeholmen.
July 2021
A jaw bone is discovered in the middle of a forest and linked to a missing persons case that Martin Beck investigated.
Beck investigates the murder of a Nobel Peace Prize candidate.
Oskar and Josef make a macabre discovery in the boot of a car. But things are not what they seem and it takes an emotional toll on the Beck group.
Swedish police detective drama. Martin Beck and the team investigate a drugs gang after the death of a young man, putting them on a collision course with an undercover operation.
November 2018
Series 2: 2. Duke Street, Glasgow... of the TV-show Beck was broadcast by BBC4 on Saturday 24 November 2018 at 21:00.
Series 2: 1. The Moray Estate, Edinburgh... of the TV-show Beck was broadcast by BBC4 on Saturday 17 November 2018 at 21:00.
When the coach of a suburban junior hockey team is murdered, the police investigate. In Swedish with English subtitles. Less
Martin Beck is drawn into a case of a missing girl in Stockholm. In Swedish with English subtitles. Less
October 2016
When traffic officers on a quiet morning shift try to stop a car for speeding they are shot at and one of them is killed. Beck and his team lead an extensive search for the ruthless killer.
An ex-policeman is found murdered in his house, along with his wife and child. Beck and his team take on the case and find that there is a hidden security room in the victims' house, containing stolen weapons. They find fingerprints from a criminal who was involved in a robbery, after which he shot his accomplices and disa...
September 2016
An unidentified body is found in the remains of a trailer after a fire at a run-down caravan park. The owner of the trailer, a young drug-addicted woman, is missing, but is she really the victim? And what role has the local so-called neighbourhood watch played? Police supervisor Klas Freden decides to go over Martin Beck's...
An investigative journalist is found murdered in his home, along with the fingerprints of a notorious criminal debt collector. The journalist had been threatened by right-wing extremists, but it is the victim's work with a book about 'society's dark side' that captures the interest of Beck and his team. The case takes an u...