Bitesize Daily: 5-7 Year Olds

March 2022

Art 6-7 Year Olds: 3. Patterns and Watercolour Techniques...

4.0 5 x
Learn about lines, marks, patterns and watercolour techniques.

Art 5-6 Year Olds: 3. Butterflies...

3.0 11 x
Learn how to design butterflies, sculpt them and choose colours.

Art 6-7 Year Olds: 2. Moving Art...

3.0 4 x
Learn about facial expressions, mechanisms and shadow puppets.

Art 5-6 Year Olds: 2. Printmaking...

3.0 4 x
Learn how to experiment with printing, make a stamp, and use mark making.

Art 6-7 Year Olds: 1. Colour and Collage...

4.0 3 x
Learn about experimenting with colour, making collages and drawing abstract landscapes.

Art 5-6 Year Olds: 1. Pencil Drawing...

4.0 4 x
Learn about pencil grips, blind observational drawing and being an art detective.

Music 6-7 Year Olds: 3. Reading and Writing Music...

4.0 4 x
Learn about simple notation, rhythm-reading games and composing rhythms.

Music 5-6 Year Olds: 3. Pulse and Rhythm...

3.0 3 x
Learn about duration, pulse and composing rhythms.

Music 6-7 Year Olds: 2. Dynamics and Tempo...

4.0 4 x
Learn about tempo, dynamics and how to use them both.
February 2022

Music 5-6 Year Olds: 2. Making Music with Your Body...

3.0 5 x
Sounds using your voice, body percussion and composing using your body.