Black Snow

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Black Snow

Cormack and Hazel realise that Kalana is missing, and they fear the worst. They set off to find her and aim for the place where Cormack believes Isabel might have been killed.

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Series 1
An important witness is found dead in unexplained circumstances. Turner is quick to declare the death an accident, but Cormack suspects foul play.
Cormack investigates the link between Ezekiel’s missing cousins and Isabel’s murder. Recently returned Billy Hopkins has some vital information about mill owner Steve Walcott.
The owner of the blue car that followed Isabel on the night of her murder is tracked down. Is Cormack getting closer to solving the case?
A grisly discovery in the time capsule sets the investigation onto a new course as detective James Cormack focuses his attention on the surviving members of the class of ‘94.
A small town in rural North Queensland unearths a time capsule containing a letter by a student murdered in 1994 that casts fresh suspicion over the entire town.