Boys From The Blackstuff

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Boys From The Blackstuff

George reminisces about his younger days, recalling his hopeful, politically active youth.

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Series 1
Drama series set in the recession-hit Britain of the Thatcher era. After his wife leaves him, and with no job, Yosser Hughes struggles to hold his family together.
Drama series set in 1980s recession-hit Britain. Chrissie and Angie are driven to despair by money problems and the Department of Employment investigators.
Drama set in recession-hit Britain in the Thatcher era. Dixie Dean, working at night in the port as a security guard, is strongarmed into accepting bribes.
Drama series about life in recession-hit Britain in the Thatcher era. Chrissie, Dixie, Yosser, Loggo and George sign on before heading off to work for Malloy.