Call the Midwife

Series 13

Series 13, Episode 6

9 x
In his new role, Cyril faces his toughest challenge yet, whilst Matthew is summoned to a board meeting with his mother. Elsewhere, the pupil midwives prepare for their final exams.

Series 13, Episode 5

13 x
A fun day at the seaside proves traumatic for the Turners and puts May’s future with them in jeopardy. Nurse Crane helps a young couple cope with a rare cancer diagnosis.

Series 13, Episode 4

30 x
Trixie makes a serious mistake at work, whilst the team work hard to help a Biafran family. Nancy delves into her family’s past as the world celebrates the moon landings.

Series 13, Episode 3

28 x
Nurse Crane helps a struggling first-time mother accept her baby’s birth defect, and Violet’s bid to be mayor is thrown into turmoil by unforeseen circumstances.

Series 13, Episode 2

20 x
The team help a single mother whose flat is riddled with damp whilst Nancy and Dr Turner care for a Sylheti woman with an undiagnosed illness, and Matthew teaches Trixie how to drive.

Series 13, Episode 1

24 x
Sister Julienne cares for an expectant mother who has cerebral palsy. Nonnatus House kicks off its new midwifery training scheme with the arrival of four new pupil midwives.

Christmas Special 2023

20 x
As Poplar prepares for Christmas, Sister Monica Joan fears this could be her last. Dr Turner and the midwives deal with a complicated multiple birth, and Cyril helps a war veteran.
Series 12

Series 12, Episode 8

36 x
Dr Turner experiences the biggest test of his career, while Trixie’s approaching nuptials cause stress levels to escalate. Sister Julienne hatches a plan to save Nonnatus House.

Series 12, Episode 7

38 x
Poplar’s housing crisis deepens, bringing a sad case to the attention of the team, whilst a worrying disease outbreak directly impacts the residents of Nonnatus House.

Series 12, Episode 6

20 x
Trixie supports an underage mother through a difficult time, Monica Joan welcomes an unusual guest to Nonnatus House, and Sister Veronica spearheads a new council initiative.

Series 12, Episode 5

33 x
A pregnant mother with a chronic heart condition falls unwell, Nancy grows suspicious of a young father’s erratic behaviour, and Matthew prepares for a visit from his father.

Series 12, Episode 4

30 x
The maternity home is thrown into chaos by an outbreak of gastroenteritis, and Nurse Crane fights to save her career. Meanwhile, Cyril encourages Reggie to seek help.

Series 12, Episode 3

43 x
Sister Veronica is shaken when a mother reveals a terrible truth about her marriage, Shelagh cares for a baby with a life-threatening condition, and Nancy harbours a secret.

Series 12, Episode 2

23 x
Sister Julienne helps care for a first-time mother who is going through a challenging diagnosis. Lucille struggles with her own health, and Poplar celebrates the Whitsun Maypole.

Series 12, Episode 1

31 x
April 1968. Racial tensions cast a shadow over Poplar, Nancy’s eyes are opened when she supports a dying woman, and Nonnatus House welcomes a new sister.

Christmas Special 2022

67 x
The Turners support a family still suffering the devastating effects of thalidomide, Miss Higgins is involved in an unexpected delivery, and the community stages a talent show.
Series 11

Series 11, Episode 8

42 x
Nonnatus House faces its darkest day after a tragic incident in the heart of Poplar. As the community rallies together, the team must overcome personal anguish to help the injured.

Series 11, Episode 7

41 x
Nonnatus House suffers its biggest threat yet. But this time it’s not the bricks and mortar that are in danger, it’s the people.

Series 11, Episode 6

39 x
Sister Monica Joan seeks advice from a clairvoyant. Matthew is shocked to discover squatters in one of his warehouses, and Shelagh faces the most challenging delivery of her career.

Series 11, Episode 5

45 x
Trixie is assigned to a complicated case involving a paraplegic husband. Lucille’s attendance at a straightforward delivery takes a distressing turn.