Cardiac Arrest

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Cardiac Arrest

Mr Docherty's wedding offers little respite as the series reaches a murderous climax.

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Series 3
Sympathy is in very short supply where Liz Reid is concerned.
Scissors puts his career at risk when he is provoked by a case involving a drunk driver.
Andrew and Claire clash over an ethical dilemma involving a young Jehovah's Witness. Meanwhile, Raj makes a disastrous romantic overture to win back his ex-girlfriend.
The heat is on for Dr James Mortimer, who faces accusations of sexual assault, and 'Scissors' Smedley, who is forced to prioritise the treatment of three critically ill children.
Claire puts pressure on a grieving father to give his consent to a transplant. Meanwhile, Raj becomes interested in a new student nurse.
The doctors disagree over the correct treatment of patients, while Claire teases Scissors about his obvious interest in Sister Julie Novac
There's a staff cricket match, but the medical emergencies and management bullying continue apace.
The doctors are baffled by a difficult diagnosis, while the management decides to crack down on staff whistleblowing.
Andrew struggles to find beds for patients. Dr Liz Reid is under pressure again.
Claire is accused of being drunk on duty, while Raj enjoys the perks of private practice.
Surgeon Cyril 'Scissors' Smedley finds that his over-confidence backfires with tragic consequences. Meanwhile, Andrew is in the hot seat.
Dr Claire Maitland faces an organ donation dilemma.
Series 2
When Phil is wrongly accused of negligence, Dr Turner has a murky reason for wanting him found guilty.
James is appalled to discover that his diagnosis of HIV has been leaked to the press.
Traumatised by a patient's horrific death, Claire vows to challenge the hospital management even if it jeopardises her career.
Andrew and Dr Yates race against time to track down the real patient-murderer before Caroline is framed.
While Scissors makes a play for Claire at the hospital ball, Phil is plagued by unethical feelings for a sexy patient.
When another doctor's misdiagnosis leads to tragedy, Dr Andrew Collin is determined to fight a lone battle for justice.
When a young boy is rescued from a frozen lake, Claire and James must embark on the longest resuscitation in the hospital's history.