January 2019

15. Fidelis Ad Mortem

3.0 1 x
Castle investigates when a student is killed at the New York Police Academy.

16. Heartbreaker

3.0 2 x
One of Esposito's old cases is reexamined.

14. G.D.S.

3.0 7 x
In LA, Castle tries to solve the murder of a private eye.
December 2018

13. And Justice for All

4.0 12 x
Castle goes undercover in an English language school.

12. The Blame Game

3.0 10 x
Castle is trapped and must solve a series of deadly puzzles.

11. Dead Red

3.0 5 x
11. Dead Red of the TV-show Castle was broadcast by 5USA on Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 22:00.

10. Witness for the Prosecution

4.0 7 x
Castle is called as a witness in a murder trial.
November 2018

9. Tone Death

4.0 10 x
Some competitive a capella singing leads to murder.

7. Mr and Mrs Castle

4.0 9 x
Castle and Beckett investigate the killing of an eco-warrior.

6. Cool Boys

4.0 16 x
Castle must prove that his old friend is innocent of murder.
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