Channel 4 News


Mon 20 Feb, 7pm

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American VP Mike Pence is in Brussels trying to calm nervous EU leaders as protests hit Britain over the planned state visit of Donald Trump. And a fake news row erupts over business rates.

Fri 17 Feb, 7pm

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Tony Blair calls on British people to resist Brexit: is he the voice of opposition that has so far been lacking or a hangover from the past that will boost those who voted to leave the EU?

Thu 16 Feb, 7pm

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Trump renews his Twitter attack on the American intelligence services and media. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau signs an EU free trade agreement after eight years of negotiation; will ours take as long?

Wed 15 Feb, 7pm

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Including the Russian connection claims surrounding the Trump team. And a key North Korean defector tells us about the beautiful girls sent to assassinate people who are a threat to the ruling clique.

Tue 14 Feb, 7pm

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President Trump loses his National Security Adviser over inappropriate telephone conversations with Russian officials. And Brexit helps push inflation to a two-and-a-half-year high.
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