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October 2017

Mon 16 Oct, 7pm

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Storm Ophelia kills three, damages buildings and leaves tens of thousands without power in Ireland. A massive truck bomb kills more than 300 people in Somalia. The PM dines with the EU negotiators.

Fri 13 Oct, 7pm

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With Donald Trump poised to pronounce on the Iran nuclear deal, Hillary Clinton tells us her fears of what she calls a dangerous presidency. She also discusses the Harvey Weinstein scandal fallout.

Thu 12 Oct, 7pm

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Wed 11 Oct, 7pm

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Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment, and now his wife leaves him, saying 'my heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain'

Tue 10 Oct, 7pm

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Almost 2000 jobs are to be cut at the UK's biggest defence contractor, BAE Systems. Unions say it's a bitter blow for manufacturing. Most jobs will go in Lancashire.

Mon 9 Oct, 7pm

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Theresa May updates MPs on Brexit progress - or lack of it - with EU negotiators. And: warnings from France and from businesses for Catalonia as it decides whether to declare independence.

Thu 5 Oct, 7pm

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Including, from Bath, the second of our Brexit debates, this time with just people who voted to remain. Should they accept Brexit and get on with it, or fight it with every bone in their bodies?

Wed 4 Oct, 7pm

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The Prime Minster aims to 'renew the British dream' of home ownership and social mobility. But a comedy interruption and her own prolonged coughing fit turn the event into a nightmare.

Tue 3 Oct, 7pm

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Nevada police search for clues about what turned Stephen Paddock into a mass murderer. Plus: Boris Johnson at the Conservative conference; and a large demonstration and strikes in Catalonia.

Mon 2 Oct, 7pm

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Massacre in Las Vegas: at least 58 people have been killed and 500 injured after a 64-year-old white American man fired from a hotel window onto a music festival crowd