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September 2018

Fri 21 Sep, 7pm

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Thu 20 Sep, 7pm

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As Donald Tusk says the PM's Chequers deal won't work, we travel along the east coast of Britain to talk to people whose homes look outwards to Europe - are they fearful, or full of hope?

Wed 19 Sep, 7pm

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How do they solve a problem like Theresa? We report from Salzburg, where EU leaders tell the PM there will have to be changes to her Brexit plan if they're to offer a deal.

Tue 18 Sep, 7pm

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A major report on immigration says that workers from the European Union should not be given preferential treatment over workers from other parts of the world. So what will it mean for the UK?

Mon 17 Sep, 7pm

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The IMF warns that the British economy will take a hit from Brexit, with a 'significantly worse outcome' if we leave with no deal

Fri 14 Sep, 7pm

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Prison officers agree to call off their protest over 'unprecedented' levels of violence, but can anything be done about the crisis in our jails? Plus: the US braces for Hurricane Florence.

Thu 13 Sep, 7pm

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Russian-sponsored assassins? No, we were just tourists, say the two men who the UK Government has accused of the Salisbury Novichok attack. And, published today: the no-deal Brexit papers.

Wed 12 Sep, 7pm

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As leading Tory Brexiteers deny plotting a leadership challenge, we visit the Irish border to hear their concerns about the future. Plus: the bold geometric lines of Dundee's new V&A museum.

Tue 11 Sep, 7pm

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We report from the TUC as Labour's John McDonnell promises to extend workers' rights and defends the party's Brexit stance. Plus: police funding, Hurricane Florence and more.

Mon 10 Sep, 7pm

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A day of questions, not answers. Internal strife for the Tories - over Brexit - and Labour - over MPs' loyalty. What does the rise of the far right mean for Sweden? And is tennis sexist?
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