Channel 4 News

May 2018

Fri 25 May, 7pm

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Harvey Weinstein appears at a New York police station, charged with rape and several counts of sexual abuse relating to two accusers. His lawyer says he'll plead not guilty.

Thu 24 May, 7pm

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Donald Trump cancels his planned June nuclear summit with Kim Jong-un after the North Koreans call his Vice President Mike Pence a 'political dummy'

Wed 23 May, 7pm

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Should the Irish constitution be changed to do away with the almost total ban on abortion? Channel 4 News includes a discussion of the issues that have divided a nation ahead of Friday's referendum.

Tue 22 May, 7pm

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Music, poetry, community, tears - we're in Manchester on the anniversary of the Arena bombing. There's unity but also concern that the emergency response failures haven't been fully dealt with yet.

Mon 21 May, 7pm

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The Grenfell Tower fire inquiry starts. And fishing trawler owners in Scotland and Northern Ireland ask the government to loosen restrictions on non-EU workers, to tackle a labour shortage.

Fri 18 May, 7pm

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Shaking up tradition? Not so much, as Prince Charles is chosen to walk Meghan Markle up the aisle. And Sergei Skripal leaves hospital. We hear from the Russian Ambassador who's demanding to see him.

Thu 17 May, 7pm

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The government will consider a ban on flammable cladding for high-rise buildings, after a review into the Grenfell Tower fire failed to call for one, which angered survivors

Wed 16 May, 7pm

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The government brings the east coast rail line back into public ownership but insists that taxpayers haven't lost out. Meanwhile, North Korea threatens to abandon a summit with President Trump.

Tue 15 May, 7pm

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Funerals and fury in Gaza the day after more than 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. Hamas denies any responsibility. Israel's ambassador to London is in the studio.

Mon 14 May, 7pm

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