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March 2019

Tue 19 Mar, 7pm

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Including the latest from Westminster as the battle over Brexit heats up. Meanwhile, Cyclone Idai leaves behind destruction and fears of enormous loss of life in southern Africa.

Mon 18 Mar, 7pm

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A constitutional crisis: the Speaker warns he may block another vote on Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal deal. And the Dutch city of Utrecht is in lock-down after three people are shot dead.

Fri 15 Mar, 7pm

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Channel 4 News reports from New Zealand, where a terror attack on two mosques has left 49 people dead. We examine the growing threat of far-right terrorism, and the role of social media.

Thu 14 Mar, 7pm

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We report from Westminster, with reaction to the latest Commons votes on Brexit. And a former British paratrooper will be prosecuted for two murders and four attempted murders on Bloody Sunday.

Wed 13 Mar, 7pm

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Channel 4 News reports from Westminster as MPs make more key Brexit decisions. They could vote to rule out leaving the EU without a deal and to delay the date of departure beyond 29 March.

Tue 12 Mar, 7pm

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A special programme on Brexit judgement day, as MPs vote on the PM's withdrawal agreement. But can Brexit survive if hard-line Brexiteer MPs and the DUP don't back Mrs May? And can she stay as PM?

Mon 11 Mar, 7pm

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Theresa May travels to Strasbourg to try to finalise an agreement with the EU that can win over MPs in time for Tuesday's crucial Brexit vote. Jon Snow reports from Westminster.

Fri 8 Mar, 7pm

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An investigation into Arron Banks' Leave.EU group appears to show he ignored the suspension of campaigning after the murder of MP Jo Cox and gave undeclared funding to Labour's Eurosceptic movement

Thu 7 Mar, 7pm

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Northern Ireland secretary Karen Bradley apologises for saying killings by the army during the Troubles were 'not crimes'. A decision on Bloody Sunday massacre prosecutions is due next week.
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March 20, 2019

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