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December 2017

Thu 14 Dec, 7pm

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Six months on from the Grenfell Fire politicians and princes join survivors and bereaved relatives to remember the terrible events of June and share their pain

Wed 13 Dec, 7pm

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Wed 13 Dec, 7pm of the TV-show Channel 4 News was broadcast by Channel 4 on Wednesday 13 December 2017 at 19:00.

Tue 12 Dec, 7pm

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South Wales steel workers are furious at what they say has been over-aggressive pensions advice that could cost them each tens of thousands of pounds. The Financial Conduct Authority is on the case.

Mon 11 Dec, 7pm

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Fri 8 Dec, 7pm

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With Brexit breakthrough come doubts and misgivings; what does the deal actually mean? Meanwhile, clashes and protests across the Middle East mark Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Thu 7 Dec, 7pm

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Angered by President Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the leader of Hamas calls for a new Palestinian uprising

Wed 6 Dec, 7pm

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There's Brexit confusion as one minister says assessments of its impact don't exist and another admits the Cabinet is yet to have a full discussion of where it wants the UK to end up post-EU

Tue 5 Dec, 7pm

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A review says that the Manchester terror attack could have been averted. Nine other attacks have been prevented since March. Plus: a breakthrough in the fight against diabetes.

Mon 4 Dec, 7pm

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No Brexit deal yet in Brussels; the PM says progress has been made but differences remain on a 'couple of issues'. And artist Ai Weiwei discusses his latest project, in response to the refugee crisis.

Fri 1 Dec, 7pm

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General Mike Flynn - Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser - pleads guilty to lying to the FBI. Could it be part of a deal for him to implicate others?