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September 2019

Thu 19 Sep, 7pm

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The former Prime Minister Sir John Major sends his lawyer into the Supreme Court to argue that Boris Johnson was politically motivated in suspending Parliament

Wed 18 Sep, 7pm

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Saudi Arabia displays what it says is the missile and drone wreckage which proves that the Iranians were involved in attacking the heart of its oil industry at the weekend

Tue 17 Sep, 7pm

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The Supreme Court is told by lawyers challenging the suspension of Parliament that Boris Johnson wanted to 'silence' MPs and abused his powers

Mon 16 Sep, 7pm

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The prime minister of Luxembourg upstages Boris Johnson after the British PM pulls out of a joint press conference amid noisy anti-Brexit protests

Sun 15 Sep, 6.30pm

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Sat 14 Sep, 6.30pm

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Channel 4 News, including sport and weather

Fri 13 Sep, 7pm

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Boris Johnson will head to Luxembourg on Monday for talks with Jean Claude Junker. The PM claims he's 'cautiously optimistic' about a Brexit deal.

Thu 12 Sep, 7pm

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Boris Johnson denies lying to the Queen when he asked for Parliament's suspension. And NHS bosses call for an EU mini-deal to keep medical supply lines open.

Wed 11 Sep, 7pm

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Brexit legal drama as Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson acted unlawfully in suspending Parliament. But the government says it will appeal.

Tue 10 Sep, 7pm

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Donald Trump sacks his security advisor John Bolton. It follows reported differences of opinion among his cabinet members over the plans to hold peace talks in the US with the Taliban.
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