Channel 4 News


Fri 18 Aug, 7pm

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Channel 4 News reports from Barcelona, following the latest terror attack to strike Europe, and the latest to involve a weaponised van. And Bruce Forsyth has died, aged 89.

Thu 17 Aug, 7pm

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A van has hit a crowd of pedestrians in central Barcelona. Plus: Robert Mugabe flies to South Africa, where his wife is accused of assault. Police put out a red alert to stop her leaving the country.

Wed 16 Aug, 7pm

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The government reveals its plans for the Irish border after Brexit. Will Ireland and the EU buy it? And why's Donald Trump so reluctant to blame neo-Nazis for the Charlottesville violence?

Tue 15 Aug, 7pm

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The Government sets out the first of their Brexit negotiating positions; Europe's initial response is rather terse. And Donald Trump mistakenly retweets a man calling him sympathetic to a fascist.

Mon 14 Aug, 7pm

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Trump's under a political storm over his failure to specifically condemn white supremacist violence. And with festival drug deaths at a record high - is drug testing a pragmatic solution?
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