Charlie And Lola

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Charlie And Lola

Children's animation. A little girl and her family are determined to help build Charlie and Lola's sandcastle, and Lola's not happy about it.

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Series 3
Children's animation. The boys must invent something fantastic. Time is running out when Lola stumbles on a brilliant idea.
Children's animation with the brother and sister. Lola and Lotta have a pretend shop that sells everything. They accidentally sell Charlie's goggles.
Children's animation with siblings Lola and Charlie. When Lotta is given a bike, Lola wants one too. She is given Charlie's old bike and learns to ride it.
Children's animation. When Marv's mum says Sizzles really is a very naughty dog, Charlie and Lola take him back to their flat and set about training him.
Children's animation with the brother and sister. It's extremely hot, and Charlie and Lola are trying to stay cool. Lola falls out with Arnold.
Children's animation with the siblings. Lola goes to Lotta's house for a sleepover, and it couldn't be more exciting. Yet everything is a bit different.
Children's animation. Charlie's little sister Lola asks, is there a giant in the sky with a rumbly tummy, or is the sky going to fall down?
Children's animation. Lola initially tries to get out of a trip to the optician - but she can't wait to go after seeing some beautiful glasses.
Series 2
Children's animation about a pair of siblings. Usually Lola just loves going to school, but recently she's not been so keen. It's all the counting and reading.
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Series 3, Episode 10 - I Can't Stop Hiccupping

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Children's animation with the siblings who are growing up. Lola and Lotta are practising for the school concert when Lola gets a fit of the hiccups.