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Chip And Potato

Chip goes to Nico's house on her own for their first playdate.

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Series 1
It's Chip's first piano lesson with her teacher, Corella Cockatoo!
Chip takes care of the class snuggly toy for the weekend.
It's Show and Tell Day! But Chip's homemade mouse house gets squished.
Everyone wants to try out Stomp and Stamp's new slide! But it needs to be built first.
Chip is excited for gym class, but with her short puggy legs she can't jump very high.
Chip's new neighbour Nico is nervous about his first day at Rainbow Forest School.
Chip gets to spend the day with her Grandma, but traffic delays their plans.
Series 2
Chip and Nico try to make a musical instrument and discover they need each other's help.
Chip just can't get a magic trick right, until Potato offers a little secret help.
Substitute teacher Mrs Whale runs class differently to Mr Diggerty, and Chip must adapt.
Chip finds out Grandma and Gordie are getting married.
Chip and Potato are looking after Kevin, the police station cat.
Chip rushes to finish a picture she's made for Tot's first birthday and ruins it.
Momma announces that Chip's little sister is ready to begin sleeping in a bed.
Before leaving for Sleepaway Camp, Spud gives Chip a spare Camp T-shirt.
Chip is having her first haircut at the groomers!
Chip and Nico spend the day at the fair with Potato.
Series 1
Spud's best friend Pacco and Chip's best friend Nico come over for a double play date.
The Happy Hoppers are performing a pirate show for their families!