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Claude minds Denzel's van while he goes bird-watching.

Series 1
Claude helps some aliens find their whirly-girly.
Claude finds himself playing detective when someone takes a jam tart.
Claude tries to teach Benny Begonia to cycle in time for the Pawhaven Three-in-One Race.
Claude takes over Denzel Pedal's ice-cream van when a sprinkle thief is on the loose.
Claude teams up with Gordon Flash for The Great Pawhaven Scamper.
Claude attends a medieval fayre and has to guard the precious jewels at Armslength Keep.
Claude goes to an auction to buy a fancy new fountain for Dame Turret's birthday.
Claude volunteers to play a knight in a TV show being filmed at Armslength Keep.
When Lord Turret needs a bedroom makeover, it's a chance for Sir Bobblysock and Claude to be interior decorators.
Everard's latest blockbuster is almost ruined when the film reel rolls away.
Claude and Sir Bobblysock audition as a double act for Everard's variety show.
When Lord Turret needs someone to investigate the strange bumps in the night.
PC Anne Cuffs is chosen to be guest of honour at the Mayor's Harvest Ball.
Gloria Swoon is looking for a very special hairdo for a fancy magazine cover shoot.
When a big stink envelops Pawhaven, Claude helps Wanda with the rush on aromatic candles.
A spider tries to befriend Sir Bobblysock, who can't get over his fear of the hairy beast.
Mr Lovelybuns wishes to bake the biggest bun in Pawhaven's history.
Pawhaven has won The Friendliest Town award and is having a flag raising ceremony.
Claude and Sir Bobblysock volunteer to help Denzel sell a van-load of merchandise.