Couples Come Dine With Me

September 2020

Series 7, Episode 19 - Series 7 Episode 19

4.0 6 x
In Manchester, Michelle and Laura's hearty menu takes on Rob and Emma's 'proper' party food, and Lorenzo and Katie's Italian feast, in a week featuring language confusion and a techno rave.

Series 3, Episode 47 - Series 3 Episode 47

3.0 9 x
In Nottinghamshire, Nena and Vish, Syreeta and Romaine and Paul and Vicki put their hosting skills to the test, in a week featuring Indian cuisine, romantic crooning and post-meal planking!

Series 7, Episode 17 - Series 7 Episode 17

2.0 5 x
In Plymouth, there's a Chris crisis as half of the rival diners share the same name! Will a locally sourced supper, celebrity fancy dress, or a nautical theme win the week?

Series 7, Episode 16 - Series 7 Episode 16

3.0 3 x
There's unimpressive beef, Korean chicken on a crumpet, hot tub fanciness and a shocking revelation in Yorkshire, as indie kids Jonnie and Lucy take on Clare and Matt, and Net and Bob.

Series 7 Episode 15

3.0 6 x
In Somerset, Jacqueline and Stephen's taste of the Med competes with Jess and Fred's Portuguese menu, and Rob and Simon's homegrown grub, in a week featuring dancing and a royal revelation.

Series 3 Episode 54

4.0 7 x
In east Lancashire, Ellie and Andy serve up an oriental theme, Jon and Chris lay on a Mediterranean menu, and Gladys and Stephen showcase their passion for travel with a global feast.

Series 7 Episode 20

4.0 8 x
In London, Helen and David's Greek grub takes on Vicky and Geoff's Italian menu, and Sara and Thierry's 1980s night, in a week featuring controversial views and a battle of the cheesecakes.

Series 7 Episode 14

4.0 3 x
In Cardiff, newly-weds Laura and Sean host a Hawaiian feast featuring fruity surprises. Keith and Lesley-Ann prepare some posh nosh. And Rachel and Lee's lamb curry proves controversial.

Series 3 Episode 44

3.0 2 x
In east Lancashire, Andrew and Sue's classic cuisine competes with Ben and Ruth's breakfast bonanza, and Helen and Victoria's 'beer can chicken', in a week of pranking and food-sniffing.

Series 7 Episode 13

3.0 8 x
In Glasgow, Kirsty and Alistair, Mark and Claire, and Elvis impersonator Adrian and Amanda compete in a week featuring karaoke, edible bowls and a bizarre game of musical chairs.
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