Couples Come Dine With Me


Series 3 Episode 107 Essex

4.0 3 x
In Essex, air stewardess Penny and her partner Chris kick off the competition by serving up a homely menu to guests 'bling'-loving Tatia and husband Mick, and young duo Lewis and Krystal

Series 3 Episode 106 Worcester

2.5 4 x
Mike and Lisa kick off the competition in Worcester with an Italian-themed menu. Linda and Steve opt for a completely homemade menu, and married couple Paul and Paul take a risk.

Series 3 Episode 105 Brighton

4.0 4 x
In Brighton, long-married couple David and Liz, newlyweds James and Paul, and loved-up Martin and Lorena are all keen to impress each other

Series 3 Episode 104 Birmingham

4.0 11 x
Lucy and Dewayne kick off the competition in Birmingham with a Brazilian-themed menu. But both the food and guest Janet's flirty behaviour are not to everyone's taste.

Series 3 Episode 103 Bournemouth

4.0 18 x
In Bournemouth, the first hosts are couple of 20 years Nikki and Steve. They're feeling positive, but with some members of the group more boisterous than others, will their confidence last?
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