Couples Come Dine With Me

January 2022

Series 3 Episode 105

4.0 0 x
In Brighton, David and Liz serve up crowd-pleasers with a twist, James and Paul make their evening personal, and Martin and Lorena host a Spanish fiesta.

Series 3 Episode 82

4.0 14 x
In Brighton, Hannah and Luke serve up an ambitiously trendy menu, but is it style over sustenance? Mark makes a jaw-dropping revelation. Rachel and TJ keep their cards close to their chest.

Series 3 Episode 98

4.8 10 x
In Sheffield, there are first-time hosts, kitchen mishaps and dodgy Mr Bean impressions, as three couples compete to pull off the best dinner party.

Series 3 Episode 84

4.5 15 x
In Northamptonshire, there are unthawed prawns, a crowd-pleasing panto and limelight theft, as luvvies Anna and Coylah, sporty Felicity and Lawrence, and well-to-do Martin and Dawn compete.

Series 3 Episode 79

4.0 23 x
In Liverpool, there's confusing food, fishcake misunderstandings and hidden talents, as three couples including a beautician and a former footballer compete to host the best dinner party.

Series 3 Episode 89

3.0 1 x
In Liverpool, dramatic duo Ryan and Kitty serve an experimental menu, hairdresser Karen and builder Alun host a 'sophisticated' night, and talkative Tony and Debby are feeling confident.

Series 3 Episode 109

3.7 5 x
In the West Country, there's local cuisine, a 57-metre houseboat and a battle of the breads, as bossy Tam and Stuart take on competitive Kyle and Renée and characterful Ian and Phil.

Series 3 Episode 93

2.7 14 x
In Bristol, Lee and Nicky serve an Italian menu, but are their portions too big? A scary doll joins the guests for dinner at Libby and Graham's. And Nico and Sky throw a Mexican fiesta.

Series 3 Episode 108

4.0 3 x
In Bournemouth, David and AJ plan a South African menu - with bread in every course. Vinnie and Alex serve South American dishes. And Andrea and Wayne's Vietnamese night doesn't go to plan.

Series 3 Episode 103

3.8 18 x
In Bournemouth, confident Nikki and Steve deal with some boisterous guests. Experienced hosts Peter and Lyn serve up a surprise. And youngsters Nicki and Emily plan a vegan feast.