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Couples Come Dine With Me

January 2020

Series 7 Episode 17 Plymouth

3.0 0 x
There are multiple Chrises, a royal doppelganger, nautical costumes and sea-themed games in Plymouth, as Mena and Chris take on Vicky and Chris and Sarah and... Chris

Series 7 Episode 16 Yorkshire

3.0 2 x
There's unimpressive beef, Korean chicken on a crumpet, hot tub fanciness and a shocking revelation in Yorkshire, as indie kids Johnny and Lucy take on Claire and Matt, and Net and Bob

Series 7 Episode 15 Somerset

4.0 4 x
There's dancing disappointment and royal revelations in Somerset, as married couple Jacqueline and Stephen take on Jess and her 'Instagram boyfriend' Fred, and green-fingered Rob and Simon

Series 7 Episode 14 Cardiff

3.0 12 x
In Cardiff, newly-weds Laura and Sean, fine-dining-fan Lesley and Keith, and Rachel and Lee compete in a week featuring fruity surprises, posh nosh and controversial curry

Series 7 Episode 13 Glasgow

4.0 11 x
In Glasgow, young parents Kirsty and Alistair, Elvis impersonator Adrian and his wife Amanda, and Mark and Claire compete in a week featuring musical chairs, karaoke and edible bowls

Series 7 Episode 12 Newcastle

4.0 53 x
In Newcastle, Sharna and Silvar are first to host with a menu of family favourites. They are joined by sprightly couple Shannon and Max, and loved-up partners Charlotte and Russ.

Series 7 Episode 11 East Anglia

4.8 299 x
In East Anglia, Chris and Debbie pull out all the stops with an evening of pure showbiz glitz and glamour. They are joined by Jake and Desiree, and Daisy and Will.

Series 7 Episode 10 Plymouth

4.3 59 x
In Plymouth, Michelle and Sean get the week off to a stylish start with their classical evening. They are joined by charity worker Amber and marine engineer Lee, and retirees Adam and Mark.

Series 7 Episode 9 Brighton

3.8 69 x
In Brighton, Dan and his partner of 16 years Pippa are hoping a menu of family favourites will bag them the grand. They are joined by Shan and Lauren, and Jared and Ian.

Series 7 Episode 8 Nottingham

4.7 92 x
In Nottingham, fun-loving couple Karen and Irena kick off the competition with a no-frills menu of belly-busting comfort food. They are joined by Clayton and Nina, and Lee and Maemae.
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