Couples Come Dine With Me

June 2019

Series 3 Episode 84 Northamptonshire

3.5 0 x
In Northamptonshire, competitive Felicity and Lawrence take their guests on an around the world adventure. But with their prawns still frozen, it's not a journey everyone wants to go on.

Series 3 Episode 79 Liverpool

4.7 0 x
In Liverpool, Ste and Danielle try to impress with their American themed menu. Danielle has a hidden talent that leaves the guests gawping. But can the stateside grub bag them that grand?

Series 3 Episode 89 Liverpool

3.0 5 x
In Liverpool, am dram enthusiasts Ryan and Kitty kick off with an experimental menu, while Karen and Alun try to hold a sophisticated evening, but parts of their menu resemble breakfast

Series 3 Episode 109 The West Country

3.0 4 x
In the West Country Ian, Phil and their 57 metre houseboat take centre stage. All of the guests are excited to get on board, but the fishy menu is definitely more sink than swim for some.

Series 3 Episode 93 Bristol

3.0 0 x
In Bristol, a scary doll joins guests for dinner at Libby and Graham's. Nico and Sky aim to liven things up with a Mexican theme and a piñata, but will their evening be siesta or fiesta?

Series 3 Episode 108 Bournemouth

4.0 9 x
In Bournemouth, married couple David and AJ kick off with a menu inspired by David's homeland South Africa. But will it be a carb overload for guests Alex and Vinnie, and Andrea and Wayne?

Series 3 Episode 103 Bournemouth

4.0 2 x
In Bournemouth, the first hosts are couple of 20 years Nikki and Steve. They're feeling positive, but with some members of the group more boisterous than others, will their confidence last?

Series 3 Episode 96 Bournemouth

4.0 9 x
In Bournemouth, John and Karen showcase their home grown food. But Sarah-Jane is worried that she'll be eating their 'pets' and pescatarian Zoe is accidentally given meat for her starter.

Series 3 Episode 105 Brighton

4.5 7 x
In Brighton, long-married couple David and Liz, newlyweds James and Paul, and loved-up Martin and Lorena are all keen to impress each other

Series 3 Episode 82 Brighton

2.5 2 x
In Brighton, will it be style-over-substance for young couple Hannah and Luke's ambitiously trendy menu? And after making a dubious first impression, Mark has a jaw-dropping revelation.
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