Crimewatch Roadshow

March 2020

Series 11: Episode 25

3.0 53 x
Michelle talks to fire officers who are appealing to the public to phone, not film, when witnessing a fire. Rav explores a virtual crime scene.

Series 11: Episode 24

4.5 24 x
Live from the south east, former detective Rav Wilding finds out the most innovative and environmentally friendly way of getting officers out on the beat.

Series 11: Episode 23

4.8 157 x
Michelle is live in Coventry talking to officers about the rise in ecclesiastical crime, and detectives in South Yorkshire give us the inside track on how to catch a murderer.

Series 11: Episode 22

4.0 18 x
Michelle is live in Staffordshire with crash scene forensic officers clamping down on car crime. Rav looks at a piece of kit that identifies criminals by analysing how they walk.

Series 11: Episode 21

3.0 15 x
Michelle is in north west England with volunteers fighting back against flytippers. Rav looks at a free app designed to protect both men and women from danger.

Series 11: Episode 20

4.0 32 x
Michelle Ackerley is live from Lancashire, seeing how drones are proving a vital tool in the fight against crime. In the studio, Rav Wilding has the latest appeals and CCTV.

Series 11: Episode 19

3.0 13 x
Michelle Ackerley finds out how Merseyside Police's mounted unit keeps fans safe on match days at Anfield. In the studio, Rav Wilding has the latest crime appeals and CCTV.

Series 11: Episode 18

3.0 29 x
Michelle Ackerley is with emergency teams, learning how their officers have helped keep people safe during the recent flooding.

Series 11: Episode 17

4.0 31 x
Michelle Ackerley is live in Yorkshire, where police are cracking down on illegal persecution of birds of prey.

Series 11: Episode 16

4.0 29 x
Michelle Ackerley is in the north of England with specialist firefighters learning how to tackle a blaze on a military jet.
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