Critical Incident

February 2021

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 15

4.0 2 x
Kent Police officers risk their lives to rescue an individual trapped on a cliff face. West Midlands Police track down a man in possession of a gun.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 14

3.0 3 x
A surge in coughing attacks on police officers during the Covid-19 pandemic brings fresh dangers for emergency service workers.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 13

3.0 5 x
A special episode looking at knife crime in the UK, featuring a dedicated task force in Essex and a groundbreaking education scheme led by West Midlands Police.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 12

3.0 6 x
A special episode exploring what it takes to police Britain’s roads. A Metropolitan Police officer leads an operation to tackle moped-enabled crime.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 11

3.0 4 x
In Taunton, a PCSO is attacked with a pair of scissors trying to apprehend a known prolific offender. Police and paramedics explain the power of bodyworn video.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 10

4.0 4 x
A West Midlands police officer returns to work after an assault, only to be attacked again just weeks later.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 9

4.0 6 x
A former policeman from Northern Ireland rebuilds his life after losing both arms in a rocket attack on his vehicle. In Leeds, a patient threatens a paramedic with a 12-inch knife.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 8

4.0 4 x
Two police officers face potentially life-changing injuries. One may lose his sight after being shot, the other was run over by a criminal driver.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 7

4.0 11 x
Two life-changing assaults cost a police officer his career and have a huge impact on his health as he is diagnosed with complex PTSD.

Series 2 (Shortened Versions): Episode 6

3.0 11 x
A rural village becomes the scene of a violent gun fight when a firearms team is confronted by an armed man, and Welsh paramedics are victims of a terrifying attack in Bridgend.