Critical Incident

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Critical Incident
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Series 3, Episode 5

In Kent, an officer and his police dog chase down a criminal. A brave PC confronts an armed robber who entered a restaurant with a knife.

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 4

2 x
In Lancashire, a police sergeant is the victim of a brutal attack, while in Northamptonshire, a police dog comes to the rescue. In Bristol, a man goes on a knife rampage.

Series 3, Episode 3

1 x
A police officer is the victim of a brutal assault, two paramedics are attacked in the back of their ambulance, and a Northampton PC works hard to tackle knife crime in the city.

Series 3, Episode 2

12 x
In Wolverhampton, two paramedics are stabbed while on duty. In Wellingborough, a PC rescues a woman from a house fire, and in Southampton, a brave police officer saves a girl from drowning.

Series 3, Episode 1

2 x
In a bid to protect his colleagues from a man wielding three knives, a police sergeant in Bristol activates his taser. Elsewhere, a Yorkshire paramedic is threatened with a gun.
Series 4

Series 4, Episode 15 - Helicopters Attacked

5 x
It’s a busy night in Newcastle for Northumbria Police as they work the night-time economy shift. We take a look at one of the most dangerous specialties in the police – firearms.

Series 4, Episode 14 - Sexual Assault

2 x
In London, a paramedic is sexually assaulted on a call. Firefighters in Nottinghamshire tackle one of the biggest blazes they’ve ever seen.

Series 4, Episode 13 - Derbyshire Drugs Gang

4 x
A fire crew in Burnley comes under attack on their busiest night of the year. In Swindon, two paramedics are violently assaulted by a patient.

Series 4, Episode 12 - London Bridge Attack

17 x
Two paramedics talk of their experience on the scene of the 2017 London Bridge attacks. In Manchester, the police launch a new initiative to crack down on knife crime.

Series 4, Episode 11 - RAF Rescue

1 x
In Wakefield, a police officer is the victim of a violent attack. Greater Manchester Police are tackling the issue of knife crime in the city.

Series 4, Episode 10 - Car Park Gunman

4 x
In Staffordshire, two officers save the life of a man in a burning building. In Norfolk, two firearms officers come face to face with a gunman in a car park.

Series 4, Episode 9 - Taser Discharged

18 x
In London, emergency responders remember the terror attack on Westminster. In Staffordshire, a newly taser-trained PC decides to fire her weapon at a woman wielding two machetes.

Series 4, Episode 8 - Crushed by Van

3 x
A Merseyside police officer is run over as he searches a van thought to be connected to drug runners. A call handler in Hampshire saves the life of a baby who isn’t breathing.

Series 4, Episode 7 - A Problem Patient

5 x
999ers on the scene remember the 7/7 terror attacks in London. A volatile patient assaults two paramedics on the Isle of Wight. A police dog team face a man armed with a crowbar.

Series 4, Episode 6 - Assault on Paramedic

3 x
Two RAF aircraft are dispatched to save the life of a sailor in heavy seas 800 miles out in the Atlantic. Essex police film dangerous drivers from an HGV.

Series 4, Episode 5 - Knife Attack

10 x
Two officers in Leeds are faced with a knifeman on a city-centre bus.

Series 4, Episode 4 - Stabbed in the Neck

5 x
A Birmingham police officer is stabbed in the neck by someone he is arresting. In Hull, an officer and his faithful police dog come under a violent attack.

Series 4, Episode 3 - Surrey Wildfire

6 x
Two officers in south Wales are confronted by a man with a 30cm long kitchen knife. Surrey Fire and Rescue service are faced with a huge wildfire.

Series 4, Episode 2

16 x
In London, a Met officer is attacked by a man wielding a four-foot-long broadsword. An officer in York rescues her colleague from an icy river.

Series 4, Episode 1

4 x
A Surrey police officer receives life-changing injuries when his patrol car is involved in a terrifying high-speed crash. Two officers in Cheshunt risk their lives and run into a burning building.