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It's time to crown the top dog, but first there's the judging of the Terrier and Hound groups. And then who will succeed Orca, the lagotto Romagnolo who won Best in Show in 2023?

Series 12
The Flyball reaches its conclusion. Can Belgian team Roadrunners Beep Beep retain their title? Plus: Radzi Chinyanganya is in the main arena for live coverage of the Agility finals.
...Show: A look back to the climax of last year's competition, celebrating the canine royalty that featured in the final of the greatest dog show's blue riband event.
It's judging time for the Working Group. Crossbreeds get their moment in Scruffts. Trust and timing are tested in Heelwork to Music. And Dion Dublin gets some advice on showing his Mastiff.
The world's greatest dog show takes over Saturday afternoon, including the quarter finals of the high-energy Flyball. Ashleigh Butler joins the fun as the large dogs take to the course.
Of all the events at Crufts, it's Flyball that gets the pulses - and the dogs - racing. This programme looks back at 2023's competition and how the eventual champions were crowned.
Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present live coverage of the Gundog Group judging - which has produced the last two winners. Plus: the best action from the Flyball heats and Agility finals.
Canine athletes of all shapes and sizes climb, weave and jump over obstacles at top speed in the Agility. And the International Junior Final offers a glimpse of future dog-handling talent.
Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present more from the world's top dog show as Aces High represent the UK in Flyball. Radzi Chinyanganya captures all the excitement in the main arena.
Utility and Toy Groups are first to be judged. Then there's the fast and furious Agility finals for small and medium dogs. And the perennially popular Flyball heats. Clare Balding presents.
It's time to jump in the Agility contest. Then it's dancing and discipline in Heelwork to Music. Plus, vulnerable breeds take centre stage. Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present.
Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present live from the world's greatest dog show, starting with the speed and excitement of the Flyball heats. Plus: features, interviews and hot dog topics.
Only the top dogs remain... well, after the Utility and Toy Groups are judged. Then it's time to find out who will be crowned 2023's champion, with live Best in Show coverage from 8:30pm.
Ooh, you can feel the tension growing. Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present as the Flyball reaches its conclusion. And if that wasn't enough, Radzi Chinyanganya has the Agility finals.
The world's greatest dog show takes over Saturday afternoon. Join Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan for Flyball action, and the Young Kennel Club are let loose on the Agility course.
The Terrier and Hound Groups are judged as we edge ever closer to Best in Show. A terrier hasn't won since 2016. Go on terriers! And there's a bit of Heel Work to Music. With Clare Balding.
More top dogs in Birmingham with Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan. Flyball reaches the quarter final stage, and Sophie hosts a topical discussion about the latest advice on canine nutrition.
Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present live coverage from Birmingham, including all the thrills and spills of Agility, a look at the Welsh corgi breed, and the Hero Dog competition.
Clare Balding presents more doggy action, including Working and Pastoral Groups judging. Radzi Chinyanganya is at the Agility finals. Sophie Morgan hosts a discussion about therapy dogs.
Clare Balding and Sophie Morgan present coverage from Birmingham. Including fast and furious Flyball heats watched by Radzi Chinyanganya, and Frank Kane's definitive guide to group judging.