Dance Around The World

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 3 - Episode 3

4.0 9 x
Maren, Suzett and Kym visit New York, the birthplace of hip hop, breaking and litefeet, where they perform a fusion piece in a dance-off with some of the best street dancers. (Ep3)

Series 1, Episode 2 - Episode 2

4.0 19 x
Maren, Suzett and Kym's quest to find the roots of street dance lands in South Africa. In the townships of Johannesburg, they get the lowdown on local dances pantsula and gumboot. (Ep2)

November 11, 2020

4.0 10 x
Three of Europe's top dancers take off on a global quest to find the roots of street dance, starting in Brazil with the favela dance sensation passinho and the ancient capoeira. (Ep1)