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The danger agents are dressed up and ready for The Supies awards show. They’re all up for nomination but Danger Mouse is winning a suspicious amount of prizes…

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Series 2
Danger Mouse teams up with duplicate team of Danger Agents to stop Big Head causing havoc.
Series 1
Animated series. Count Duckula is back, and he is determined to take over the world, one terrible TV show at a time.
Animated series. Only Danger Mouse can save the world from chaos when the Baron stops the world spinning with a plague of traffic lights.
Series 2
As the Giraffe Warriors champion Penfold is asked to defend an alien planet from invasion.
Danger Mouse doesn’t realise he’s swapped Penfold for New Zealand native Pinfold, until the pair are mid-mission trying to thwart Burt Badboy’s plans for mass monument mutilation.
Series 1
Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold become reluctant parents when it appears the Baron has wiped his own memory.
Animated series. Danger Mouse has to face his only fear when Penfold accidentally awakens a gigantic spider.
Series 2
Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold get a taste of Thanksgiving when they join Jeopardy Mouse in America.
Animated series. A fanatical cult of cats adopts Danger Mouse as their leader.
Animated series. The baron's true love threatens to bring Danger Mouse to his knees.
Series 1
Animated series. When secret information is leaked from HQ, all eyes fall on Colonel K. Is it possible he is a traitor?
Animated series. The world is in jeopardy and the only thing that can save it is a 1,000ft Penfold.
Series 2
A jam monster springs to life in Danger HQ when Squawk’s experiment goes awry. But with DM and Squawk busy competing for Penfold’s favour, no-one has noticed!
The Danger Agency is bankrupt! Can a telethon raise enough funds to keep Quark from buying them out?
Series 1
Animated series. Has Danger Mouse finally met his match? An evil version of the hero escapes from a parallel dimension and joins forces with Baron Greenback.
Animated series. DM must save his reputation and the world when Squawkencluck's artificially intelligent defence supercomputer goes insane.
Series 2
Penfold’s Granny summons him back to the family farm when a sacred artefact, the Fung Farm book of Farm Fu, is stolen, causing farm animals everywhere to revolt.
The Danger agents disguise themselves as a family to find out why the world’s villains are all heading to one holiday camp.
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Series 1, Episode 22 - Happy Boom Day!

Expected on
Animated series. Danger Mouse's plan to hold a surprise party for Professor Squawkencluck is undone when the Baron releases killer birthday presents into the world.