July 2018

ABBA at the BBC

3.0 3 x
Compilation of ABBA performances at the BBC, including Waterloo and Dancing Queen.

What Women Want

3.0 3 x
Romantic comedy about a chauvinistic advertising executive who acquires the ability to hear what women are thinking, attempting to use this power to bring about the fall of his female boss. But as he uses this inside knowledge to outwit his superior, the bachelor begins to fall in love with her, and so finds himself feeling more than a little guilty when his plan to have her sacked looks like it may come to fruition.

The Joy of ABBA

3.0 4 x
How ABBA's 10-year career became a battle for the legitimacy of pop music as an art form.

The Return of Flying Scotsman

3.0 3 x
We follow the Flying Scotsman, the world's most famous steam engine, as it returns to the tracks following a ten-year restoration which cost more than £4 million. We climb on board and join the celebrations as the 93-year-old engine sets off on its inaugural run from Kings Cross Station in London, pulling a train-load of enthusiasts and supporters 200 miles north on the mainline to York and the engine's home at the National Railway Museum.

Scotland's Art Revolution: The Maverick Generation

3.0 2 x
In summer 2014, Scotland is hosting one of the most ambitious celebrations of contemporary art ever staged. Featuring over 100 artists in 60 venues across the country, Generation shines a spotlight on one of the most phenomenal cultural stories of modern times - Scotland's transformation from a declining industrial powerhouse to an international centre of artistic creativity.

July 15, 2018

4.0 5 x
(2011) Andrea Arnold's radical adaptation of Emily Brontë's classic novel of obsessive love, anger and revenge on the weather-beaten Yorkshire moors. Starring Kaya Scodelario and James Howson.

A Life on Screen

3.0 1 x
In this documentary, Stephen Fry tells the story behind his success, after presenting the BAFTAs for more than ten years.

An Ideal Husband

3.0 1 x
An MP's idyllic marriage is threatened by a blackmail plot.

Super Cute Animals

3.0 1 x
There are all sorts of incredible species of animal in the world, but there are a few that we think are special. We love them for their big eyes or furry faces but we also fall for the sounds they make and the way they move - who doesn't love a waddling penguin? These animals have become online celebrities, with millions of us finding and sharing videos every day - a tiny snoring hummingbird or a sneezing panda is just too cute not to share.

The Story of Funk: One Nation under a Groove

3.0 1 x
In the 1970s, America was one nation under a groove as an irresistible new style of music took hold of the country - funk. The music burst out of the black community at a time of self-discovery, struggle and social change. Funk reflected all of that. It has produced some of the most famous, eccentric and best-loved acts in the world - James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, George Clinton's Funkadelic and Parliament, Kool & the Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire.
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