Dog Loves Books

May 2020

Series 1: 25. Dog Loves a Book Again

4.0 2 x
Dog goes back to read the very first book he read – a simple picture book. He meets a series of animals who try to help him find the Wumpus.

Series 1: 24. Dog Loves Time Travel

2.5 4 x
Pug wants to go back in time, so our two adventurers visit an inventor who has a time machine. But each time they try to use the machine, something goes wrong.

Series 1: 23. Dog Loves Castaways

4.0 1 x
Dog and Pug visit a desert island where Colin lives on his own. He is very happy by himself, but when our friends find him, they have a wonderful meal and play a great game of cricket.

Series 1: 22. Dog Loves Portraits

3.0 4 x
Pug is trying to improve his portrait painting, so our friends travel to a palace with a king who can only think about his own portraits.

Series 1: 21. Dog Loves Pirates

3.0 2 x
Pug is making a hat, and our two friends go on an adventure on a pirate ship. They find out that the captain is chosen by whoever wears the captain’s hat.

Series 1: 20. Dog Loves Diggers

3.0 0 x
Dog and Pug are on a building site and they meet three diggers – Big Digger, Bigger Digger and Tiny. The two big diggers look down on Tiny, but she is the one who wants to do all the work.

Series 1: 19. Dog Loves Spelling

4.0 1 x
Dog and Pug visit a forest where the witches are planning a great ‘spelling’ contest. Their friend Witch Willow needs their help.

Series 1: 18. Dog Loves Lighthouse

3.0 1 x
Dog and Pug have a power cut in the bookshop. They want to know what it was like before electricity, so they travel to an old lighthouse.

Series 1: 17. Dog Loves Mini Beasts

3.0 2 x
Dog and Pug go on an adventure where they shrink to the size of little insects. They meet Granny Pug, who is searching for a very rare butterfly.

Series 1: 16. Dog Loves Art

3.0 3 x
Pug wants to learn how to paint, so our heroes visit Picasso’s studio in Paris. He is in the middle of his ‘blue period’, but Pug persuades Picasso to become more abstract.
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