Dog Loves Books

August 2020

Series 1: 39. Dog Loves Amazing Facts​

3.0 4 x
Dog and Pug are talking about facts, and they go on an adventure to check one of Pug’s. Although they get lost, they devise a new way of finding their way out and solving Pug’s problem.

Series 1: 38. Dog Loves Don Quixote​

3.0 1 x
Pug needs a story about how to be brave, so Dog and Pug meet the great Spanish knight Don Quixote and his partner, Sancho Panza.

Series 1: 37. Dog Loves a Quest

3.0 3 x
Dog and Pug help Doris the Donkey pass three tests on her quest to become a unicorn. But these tests don't seem quite right...

Series 1: 36. Dog Loves a Small Adventure​

4.0 4 x
Dog loses his voice, so Pug has to read a book. Pug goes on an adventure with the bookshop mice to enter the body of Dog and find his heart and tummy.

Series 1: 35. Dog Loves Enid Brighton

3.0 3 x
Pug wants to write exciting stories, and our two friends meet Enid Brighton. She has a very vivid imagination and they go on an adventure to solve all of her mysteries.

Series 1: 34. Dog Loves Camping​

3.0 3 x
Dog and Pug decide to go holiday and use Granny Pug’s guide to camping. They visit a music festival, a jungle and the top of a mountain.

Series 1: 33. Dog Loves Cheshire Cat​

3.0 2 x
Dog and Pug go to Buckingham Palace, where they meet Queen Victoria. She is looking for her mysterious Cheshire cat, who keeps disappearing.

Series 1: 32. Dog Loves Bedtime Baboon​

3.0 4 x
Dog and Pug go on an adventure to help Bedtime Baboon get all the young children around the world to sleep. They have to sprinkle moondust everywhere.

Series 1: 31. Dog Loves Puzzles​

4.0 3 x
In their adventure, Dog and Pug meet Granny Pug, who makes them solve three puzzles. They solve all of them just in time, before Dog comes back to the bookshop and solves his own problem.

Series 1: 30. Dog Loves Elephants

3.0 5 x
This adventure is all about size. Dog and Pug meet an elephant and a mongoose who cannot play together because they are two completely difference sizes.
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