Don't Tell the Bride

October 2017

Series 2017 Episode 13 Tiago & Karlette

4.0 18 x
Mummy's boy Tiago plans to put his self-conscious bride Karlette on the big screen at his 1950s drive-in wedding, but she wants something intimate and contemporary.

Series 2017 Episode 8 Chris & Charlotte

4.0 2 x
Chris wants his bride to jump through hoops and plans to turn their wedding into an obstacle course. But tomboy Charlotte wants to feel girly on her big day.

Series 2017 Episode 12 Tom & Becca

3.0 14 x
Thrill-seeking Tom wants to give the love of his life Becca the ride of her life, as he plans their wedding at his favourite theme park

Series 2017 Episode 7 Andy & Bobby

4.0 2 x
Will Andy's plans for a skater-themed wedding make his bride Bobby's wheels spin? Or will there be broken bones as well as hearts on the big day?

Series 2017 Episode 11 Yasmin and Yiannis

4.0 23 x
Beauty queen and bride-to-be Yasmin has her heart set on a fairytale wedding. Will powerlifter Yiannis deliver her dream nuptials?

Series 2017 Episode 6 Jai & Leanna

3.0 5 x
The sky's the limit for adrenaline junkie Jai as he plans on having a wedding in the sky, neglecting the fact that his bride-to-be Leanne is terrified of heights
September 2017

Series 2017 Episode 10 Lee & Aimee

4.0 15 x
Thrill junkie Lee plans an extreme wedding for his unadventurous bride Aimee. Will their wedding have the wow factor or crash badly?

Series 2017 Episode 5 Sonny & Jazmin

4.0 4 x
Sonny is a party fanatic. What will his bride Jazmin think of his plans for a zoo-themed Ibizan beach party with body paint?

Series 2017 Episode 2 Billy & Steph

3.0 7 x
Billy believes the sty's the limit as he plans a pig-themed wedding involving a world record parade of porkers. But will prim Steph kick up a stink at Billy's plans?

Series 2017 Episode 9 Jordan and Danielle

Expired 4.0 21 x
Former boxing champ Jordan plans a fight-night wedding in front of thousands, while his bride-to-be Danielle has dreams of a girly and intimate event