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Fast Justice

A raid on a house uncovers cannabis, cash and scales. The team must deal with a sensitive case of self-harm. Plus, a situation with an uninsured driver threatens to get out of control.

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Series 1
Sentinels break down a front door to find a man suspected of drug offences, and a pair from out of town are hiding a big secret.
The Sentinels find a concealed blade in a passenger's trousers. Elsewhere, a trio of cars linked to drug dealing play a game of cat and mouse with the cops.
The Sentinels floor it in a dramatic high-speed pursuit after a suspected drug dealer. Plus, a lucky break, as a car that previously gave them the slip drives right past the cops.
The Sentinels chase a suspected drug dealer who flees. Elsewhere, the team uncover a boot full of stolen goods. And an uncooperative driver causes a scene in Ipswich town centre.
The Sentinels stop a taxi linked to drugs on the side of the busiest road in Suffolk. And the team's newest recruit makes her first arrest.
The Sentinels lay a trap for a luxury car carrying a high value target. An asylum seeker is caught in a web of lies. And a couple claiming they were having brunch might be hiding something.
The Sentinels launch a daring operation to bring a car to a stop on the busy A12. And a Chinese food delivery driver isn't happy to discover he's driving illegally.
The Sentinels are alerted to a possible victim of modern-day slavery. Plus, a drug deal is busted, and a conspiracy theorist shares his curious beliefs with the cops.
The Sentinels take down a major organised crime group, suspected of smuggling drugs into the county, in a series of intense chases in a tense operation taking place over several weeks.