Fireman Sam

September 2019

13. Pirates of Pontypandy

3.0 1 x
Norman and James take a quick pirate nap in the rowing boat.

14. Record Breakers

4.0 0 x
Norman tries to get into the Gwyneth Book of Records.

13. Treehouse Trouble

3.0 0 x
Norman forgets some important screws for the treehouse.
August 2019

12. The Pontypandy Cup

3.0 4 x
Mike and Joe enter the children's go-kart race.

24. Open Day

4.0 5 x
It is open day at Pontypandy fire station.

23. Norman's Ark

4.0 1 x
23. Norman's Ark of the TV-show Fireman Sam was broadcast by Channel 5 on Thursday 29 August 2019 at 7:45.

22. Three Legged Race

4.0 1 x
Will Dilys spoil Sam's chances in the three legged race?

21. Model Plane

4.0 0 x
Norman persuades James to fly his new model plane.

11. Lights, Camera, Avalanche!

4.0 0 x
Norman causes an avalanche while filming on the mountain.

19. Dilys's Big Surprise

4.0 2 x
Norman realises that he has forgotten Dilys's birthday!
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