Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef

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Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef

...Next Great Chef - The Final: The chefs run the Palm Court restaurant as if it were their own for one night. One of them wins the competition - and wins the restaurant. (Ep6/6)

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July 2023
...Next Great Chef: It's the semi-final and the chefs create an opulent feasting centrepiece, before delivering one course each for an exclusive banquet for 100 VIP guests. (Ep5/6)
June 2023
...Next Great Chef: The remaining chefs compete for a place in the semi-final, as they reinvent the Langham's iconic afternoon tea while staying true to their restaurant concept. (Ep4/6)
...Next Great Chef: Things heat up as the chefs create an opulent menu for a VIP staying in the hotel's £25,000-a-night luxury suite. Who will melt under the pressure? (Ep3/6)
...Next Great Chef: The battle to win a restaurant in London's exclusive Langham hotel continues. Can the elite chefs turn a profit during a busy lunch service? (Ep2/6)
...Next Great Chef: Elite chefs compete to impress Michel Roux Jr and win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At the five-star Langham hotel, the chefs pitch their concepts. (Ep1/6)