Food Unwrapped

November 2020

Series 15, Episode 4 - Series 15 Episode 4

3.0 2 x
Kate discovers how the way you drink tea can affect its taste. Matt investigates the difference between bubble gum and chewing gum, and discovers an unusual use for used gum. (S15 Ep4)

Series 15, Episode 2 - Series 15 Episode 2

4.0 2 x
Kate Quilton investigates the worrying rise in peanut allergies. Matt Tebbutt traces the British blackcurrant from the field to the Ribena factory. Plus: oregano. (S15 Ep2)

Series 15, Episode 1 - Series 15 Episode 1

3.0 1 x
Can eating too many poppy seeds make you fail a drugs test? Kate learns the consequences of tipping cooking oil down the drain. Plus: ancient grain bread. (S15 Ep1)

Series 9, Episode 3 - Food Unwrapped Does Superfoods

2.0 8 x
A look back at some favourite superfood stories sorting fact from fiction - from prunes, microgreens and horchata, to caffeine and weight loss. Plus: could too much kale be a bad thing?

Series 17 Episode 3

3.0 0 x
Some favourite investigations. Jimmy Doherty looks at how squid and chips could become our national dish. Kate Quilton reports on kangaroo meat. Matt Tebbutt investigates pesto. (S17 Ep3)

S12 E30: Food Unwrapped

3.0 1 x
Jimmy learns where the flavour comes from in his Earl Grey tea, Kate finds out if we can now eat oysters all year round, and Matt discovers what gives clotted cream its yellow colour.

S12 E24: Food Unwrapped

4.5 1 x
Kate, Jimmy and Matt revisit some of their favourite investigations. What's the difference between white and dark rum? What's the jelly in a jelly bean? And why do anchovies taste salty?

S7 E20: Food Unwrapped

4.5 2 x
Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations. Is MSG as unhealthy as some headlines claim? Why do onions make you cry? Plus: pistachio nuts. (S10 Ep8)

S7 E19: Food Unwrapped

4.0 1 x
Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations, including a groundbreaking use for an enzyme found in pineapples. Plus vitamin D, and elderflower cordial. (S10 Ep7)

S7 E18: Food Unwrapped

3.0 1 x
Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations. Do prunes help you stay regular? Why are there holes in Swiss cheese? Plus: the secrets of black pepper. (S10 Ep6)