Fortress Britain With Alice Roberts

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Fortress Britain With Alice Roberts

...Roberts: The story of Britain during the Cold War, from nuclear threats to upper-class spies, eerie bomb bases, underground bunkers and our own Chernobyl moment. (S1 Ep3/4)

November 2023
...Roberts: Alice examines Britain's preparations for a Nazi land invasion during World War II, from the anti-tank sticky bomb to the Home Guard and a tragic forgotten heroine. (S1 Ep2/4)
...Roberts: Alice and fellow historians examine Britain's obsession with invasion, starting with Henry VIII's fear of Catholic Europe, his cannons, his castles and his ships. (S1 Ep1/4)
April 2023
...Alice Roberts: Alice and the team track William the Conqueror's journey from invader to ruler of England, from battlefields and ancient swords, to mighty castles and a cathedral. (Ep4)