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George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

January 2020

Luxury 50s Yacht and Upscale Bothy

3.0 1 x
George meets newlyweds investing their life savings in a dilapidated yacht. His Italian road trip takes in a stunning treehouse, and his wilderness lodge starts to take shape.

Series 8 Episode 2 Luxury Mobile, Retro Caravanette & South Andalucía

4.0 9 x
George visits a cattle carriage made into a luxury holiday pad. There's a retro caravanette in east London and a picture-perfect home in southern Andalucía.

Italian Fire Station and Amphibious Crashpad

3.0 5 x
The Italian road trip takes in possibly the world's coolest fire station. DIY enthusiasts Ben and Michelle want to build a summer house using disused shipping pallets.

UFO House and Floating Pool

3.0 5 x
George meets a man trying to build a UFO-styled house; a woman making a garden room using material including earth, straw and human hair; and visits a floating swimming pool in Italy

Series 7 Episode 6 Campervan and Olympic Dome

4.0 1 x
A world class surfer in Cornwall builds a unique extension to his campervan, while a Pembrokeshire couple turn an Olympic artefact into an extra-terrestrial glamping pod

Series 7 Episode 7 Wartime Bunker & Library Van

4.5 2 x
George meets two artists in Gloucestershire converting a library van into a mobile home and studio. He also visits a wartime bunker being turned into a secret underground office.

Old Railway Carriage and Private Jet

3.0 4 x
George plans a woodland retreat for less than the price of a family holiday and visits a breathtaking property in Italy

Series 7 Episode 5 Tiny House, Horsebox & Workshop

4.0 3 x
George meets a dad hoping to lure his kids off their gadgets by building a funky garden workshop. There's also an aspiring 14-year-old architect making a den out of a horsebox.
December 2019

Series 7 Episode 4 Double Decker & Super Den

4.0 2 x
George meets Ellie, who's turned a double-decker bus into a luxury mobile home. There's also a multi-purpose super den in Suffolk with a roof terrace and a concealed pool table.

Series 7 Episode 3 Jet Summer House & Funky Apartment

3.0 3 x
An airline buff bids to turn a jet cockpit into a summer house. And George visits a funky apartment in Tokyo that not only challenges the mind but may make residents live longer.
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