George Clarke's Amazing Spaces


Series 4 Episode 1 Cabins, Summerhouses & Not a Shed?

4.0 5 x
The two categories this time are Not a Shed? and Cabins and Summerhouses, including a LA pool-style pad and something in the shape of a mushroom

Series 6 Episode 7 Glass Lodge and a Doggie Campervan

3.0 4 x
George meets a Dorset couple building a room with great views over Chesil Beach. There's also a doggie campervan, and a remote lodge made almost entirely of glass in New Zealand.

George's Tree House and Garden Shed Pub

3.0 1 x
George prepares to unveil his own small-space project, an ambitious, accessible, multi-functional tree house within the Calvert Trust, an outward bound activities centre for families with disabilities

Mobile Cinema, Caravan and Shipping Container

3.0 0 x
George catches up with designer Max McMurdo, who is making a classroom out of two rusting shipping containers. And there's also a garden office and a beauty emporium run from a rare 1947 caravan.

Citroen Van, Railway Station and Double Decker

3.0 3 x
George is invited onboard a blinged-up double-decker bus that's been converted into a posh restaurant and bar. He meets a couple living in a railway station and sees their plans for the waiting room.
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