George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

June 2019

Series 5 Episode 9 Floating Homes

3.0 2 x
In this special episode George Clarke joins forces with up-cycling expert Max McMurdo to learn all there is to know about building a floating home, from Docklands to Denmark

Hearse Campervan and Bathing Machine

3.0 3 x
George finds a hearse that's been made into a family camper van, with a pop-out kitchen in a coffin. There's also a floating book shop, and a Victorian bathing machine in Margate.

A Home Made of Scrap

3.0 4 x
George meets a couple so desperate to get on the housing ladder that they're making their own home out of scrap. And there's drama in the workshop with the beach hut project.
May 2019

Festival Campervan and Floating Beach Hut

3.0 1 x
George and Will's floating beach hut goes to sea. There's also a festival campervan made from an American school bus and a family home in Germany built in an old grain silo.

Air Raid Shelters and the Ultimate Party Shed

3.0 5 x
George meets a couple transforming their garden air-raid shelters. There's also 12-year-old Guinnie, who hopes to create the ultimate party shed, and some luxury beach houses.

River Barge and Swimming Pool Restoration

3.0 4 x
George visits a river barge conversion, an ingenious swimming pool restoration and a futuristic lakeside house in Germany

Mini Cricket Pavilion and a Boat Home

3.0 3 x
George meets a young man looking on an internet dating site for a shipmate to help turn an old boat into a home. There's also a cricket-mad granddad building a mini pavilion in his garden.
April 2019

Cliff Top Retreat and Garden Pavilion

3.0 7 x
George visits a cliff top retreat, a unique garden pavilion, and starts work on his getaway beach hut

Campervan and Escape Pod

3.0 9 x
George meets a man building a campervan out of CDs and old vinyl records. There's also a single dad making a home on the water for him and his sons out of an oil rig escape pod.

Series 6 Episode 19

Expired 3.0 2 x
George looks back on some creative builds from around the world, including a stunning glass house in Italy and a Texan house made of beer cans
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