Great Canal Journeys

June 2018

Bristol and North Devon

4.5 0 x
With Tim playing King Lear in Bristol, he and Prunella Scales tour the city and also some West Country waterways further afield, including Devon. They also take a paddle steamer.

The Leeds and Liverpool

3.0 0 x
Tim and Pru take another journey into their pasts, via the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, which celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016


3.0 0 x
Tim and Pru travel to the Netherlands, exploring the canals from the Windmills of the Kinderdijk to the vibrant city of Amsterdam


2.0 0 x
Tim and Pru travel to Venice, following the route once taken by Casanova and Byron, escaping the crowds of St Mark's to find tranquillity as well as beauty


3.0 0 x
Timothy and Prunella take a trip down the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal, one of Britain's most picturesque waterways, and also pay tribute to William Shakespeare

Stockholm and the Archipelago

3.0 0 x
Tim and Pru follow the ancient route of the Vikings, visiting Stockholm and the nearby islands of its archipelago

Series 8 Episode 4: Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal

3.0 1 x
Tim and Pru visit the famously beautiful Welsh canal with a haunted castle on route

The Göta Canal, Sweden

3.0 0 x
Tim and Pru set forth from Gothenburg on the first half of the Göta Canal, one of the longest and most beautiful waterways in the world, travelling 350 miles, coast to coast across Sweden

Shannon Erne Waterway

3.0 2 x
Timothy West and Prunella Scales head to Ireland and the Shannon Erne Waterway, where they try some folk singing, Irish dancing, and visit the ruins of Crom Castle

London's Lost Route to the Sea

3.0 1 x
Timothy and Prunella go in search of London's lost canal route from Teddington, through Surrey and Sussex, and all the way to the sea at Littlehampton
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