Hairy Bikers' Everyday Gourmet

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Hairy Bikers' Everyday Gourmet

The Bikers create a restaurant-quality meal on the tightest of budgets and pick up some foraging tips.

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Series 1
The Bikers show that a luxury lunch is possible on even the tightest of budgets and pick up some secrets from one of Britain's best Indian chefs.
The Bikers show how to create a gourmet party, cooking up tasty party treats and learning how to create a centrepiece without blowing a budget.
The Bikers share some of their favourite indulgent dishes and get money-saving secrets from Tom Kitchin.
The Bikers show how to make a dinner for two that is fit for a king on a pauper's budget, and chef Oliver Limousin gives them world-class presentation tips.
The Bikers show how to turn the weekend into a gourmet extravaganza without breaking the bank as they share some money-saving secrets.