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Here We Go

Despite her unusually low pain threshold, Rachel decides to get a tattoo.

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Series 2
Rachel’s competitive sister Penny comes to stay.
Rachel attempts to throw Robin and Cherry the best hag do on earth.
It’s Valentine’s Day, and the Jessops attempt to expose Paul’s secret admirer.
Sue moves in with the Jessops, and Paul tries to track down a local vandal.
Amy is pining for the fjords. To cheer her up, Paul takes the family out on his old boat.
Amy is home for the holidays, and Rachel is determined to engineer a classic Jessop family Christmas.
Series 1
When Robin’s attempt to stop Cherry’s wedding in Scotland fails, the Jessop family holiday is in tatters until a run-in with the local police turns things around.
Sue’s new Italian boyfriend, Alf, invites the Jessops to dinner at his restaurant. Robin asks Paul to go undercover to learn about Cherry’s new boyfriend.
The Jessops travel to Cardigan to confront Ray, Paul’s old archery teammate and Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, about cheating Paul out of a place in the 2008 Olympic team.
Rachel tries to ‘fix’ a painting of the family she commissioned after the artist made her look older. Cherry launches her salsa class, and Sue buys a pool.
Rachel attempts to help Amy get a job with an old friend from school, and Paul ropes Sam into filming content for his new YouTube fitness channel.
Paul gives Rachel a family voucher for a theme park, valid for six months. On the day before it expires, and with a neighbour’s dog in tow, the Jessops finally attempt to use it.